Thursday, 30 October 2014

Nutjitsu Combines With TA To Reach 150K TA

OpinionatedIt's Dangerous To Go AloneA split session between Nutjitsu and the True Achievements app resulted in a total of nine achievements which began with a stint on True Achievements and the opening unlock of It's Dangerous To Go Alone (0G) for previewing five gaming sessions. Opinionated (0G) for rating 10 solutions.

Dec-a-rated!Ohhhhhh....Pretty!!!Ohhhhhh....Pretty!!! (0G) unlocked after viewing a milestone from my friend feed with the stint ending with the popping up of Dec-a-rated! (0G) for rating 10 different games.

Into the ShadowsSpeed RunLater on, I moved on to Nutjitsu and came away with five achievements which began with Speed Run (100G) for collecting 30 acorns while using the Ninja Speed powerup and was soon followed by Into the Shadows (100G) which popped up after losing 20 Foxes by using Smoke Bombs.

Mission MasterMaster of the ElementsMaster of the Elements (100G) unlocked after hitting 20 Foxes with the use of Freeze Bombs and the progress towards the previous trio led to the popping up of Mission Master (100G) for completing 50 Ninja missions.

Ancient RuinsThe session and the day's gaming came to an end with the unlocking of Ancient Ruins (100G) after completing a mission on the Grey Shrine, Yugure Cemetery, and Ushinatta Marsh levels.

The milestone of 150,000 TA points was amazing in itself but to get 500G on a random game selection made for an even better day.