Thursday, 2 October 2014

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Begins Construction

After a huge gap in posts dating back over three weeks, finally I am able to catch up but rather then do 20 odd single posts I will try and combine many days based on games played but begin with September 5th and the debut of Minecraft Xbox One Edition which saw 16 unlocks.

Getting WoodTaking Inventory
Taking Inventory (10G) unlocked for simply opening the inventory in one of the easiest ever unlocks on a game and was followed by a similarly easy unlock in the form of Getting Wood (10G) for punching a tree until a block of wood popped out.

Time to Mine!Benchmaking
Benchmaking (10G) unlocked after successfully crafting a workbench by using four blocks of wooden planks with the workbench then allowing me to unlock Time to Mine! (10G) by using planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Time to Strike!Time to Farm!Time to Farm! (10G) unlocked for successfully crafting a Hoe and was swiftly followed by Time to Strike! (10G) for using planks and sticks to make a sword. 

Music to my EarsMonster Hunter
Monster Hunter (15G) unlocked after attacking and destroying a monster but in my case it was a case of being ambush while building and fighting off the monster and after the battle, I went on to unlock Music to my Ears (20G) for playing a music disc in a Jukebox.  
Cow TipperBake Bread
Cow Tipper (15G) unlocked after harvesting some leather with another trip to the farm resulting in the popping up of Bake Bread (15G) after turning wheat grown in the fields into bread. 

Hot TopicLibrarian
Librarian (20G) unlocked after building some bookshelves in my house in order to improve my borrowed enchantment table with Hot Topic (15G) popping up after constructing a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.
Pork ChopDelicious Fish
Delicious Fish (15G) unlocked after successfully catching a fish with a rod and cooking it in the furnace with the accompanying meal coming in the popping up of Pork Chop (10G) for cooking and eating a pork chop.
Pot PlanterMOAR Tools
MOAR Tools (15G) unlocked after successfully constructing one type of each tool with the day coming to an end with the popping up of Pot Planter (15G) for crafting and placing a Flower Pot. 
Stayin' FrostyLocal BrewerySeptember 6th saw a continuation of Minecraft Xbox One Edition with five unlocks popping up starting with Local Brewery (15G) after successfully brewing a potion with Stayin' Frosty (20G) popping up after swimming in lava while under the effects of a Fire Resistance potion.
Getting an UpgradeBody GuardBody Guard (20G) unlocked after using four iron blocks and a pumpkin to create an Iron Golem with Getting an Upgrade (15G) popping up after constructing a better pickaxe than the standard wooden one.
It's a Sign!
The day ended with the unlocking of It's a Sign! (15G) for successfully creating and placing a sign. 

Dispense With ThisIron Belly
September 7th saw another session on Minecraft Xbox One Edition this time resulting in seven unlocks beginning with Iron Belly (20G) for putting an end to character starvation with the use of Rotten Flesh from a Zombie. Dispense With This (20G) popped up after constructing a Dispenser from a Bow and Cobblestone. 
Have a Shearful DayAcquire HardwareAcquire Hardware (15G) unlocked after successfully smelting an iron ingot with the use of a furnace and was soon followed by Have a Shearful Day (15G) for using Shears to obtain wool from a sheep.  
DIAMONDS!Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack (20G) unlocked after using a set of bones to befriend five wolves with DIAMONDS! (20G) popping up after successfully acquiring diamonds with an iron pickaxe.  
Renewable Energy
The day ended with the unlocking of Renewable Energy (10G) for smelting down wood trunks and using charcoal to make more charcoal. 

RepopulationInto The Nether
September 8th saw yet another run on Minecraft Xbox One Edition resulting in ten unlocks beginning with Into The Nether (30G) for constructing a Nether Portal which was soon followed by Repopulation (15G) for breeding two cows using wheat.

Lion TamerIron Man
Iron Man (15G) unlocked after wearing a full suit of Iron Armour with Lion Tamer (15G) following after successfully taming an Ocelot which took a lot of effort and patience to complete.

Sniper DuelOverkill
Overkill (30G) unlocked after using an enchanted iron sword to deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit with Sniper Duel (30G) popping up after killing a Skeleton with an arrow from more then 50 metres.
Adventuring TimeDiamonds to you!
Diamonds to you! (15G) unlocked after successfully throwing a diamond at another player with the biggest effort of the game so far culminating in the popping up of Adventuring Time (40G) for discovering 17 of the 23 different biomes.  
When Pigs FlyPassing the Time
Passing the Time (20G) unlocked after playing for 100 days, luckily 100 game days and not real-time days as completion would have come a lot later and When Pigs Fly (40G) soon popped up for using a saddle to ride a pig and then have the pig hurt from fall damage while riding it which was a strange experience even on a game. 


Chestful of Cobblestone
September 9th saw a quick go on Minecraft Xbox One Edition which resulted in just one unlock in the form of Chestful of Cobblestone (20G) for mining 1,728 Cobblestone and placing it all in a chest.