Monday, 20 October 2014

Project Spark Makes Its Mark

A Challenge a Day in Project Spark (Win 8)After debuting the previous day, Project Spark made a huge mark on the achievement chase with a split session between the Windows 8 and Xbox One versions beginning with a short stint on the former resulting in a single unlock in the form of A Challenge a Day (5G) for completing a Daily Challenge.

A Challenge a DayThe PlayerLater on in the day, I moved on to the Xbox One version and came away with a stunning haul of 19 achievements which began with The Player (10G) for playing 10 different Community Games via the game over tile. A Challenge a Day (5G) then popped up for completing a Daily Challenge.

Community SurferEntertain Someone
Entertain Someone (5G) soon unlocked after someone downloaded one of my worlds and was followed by the popping up of Community Surfer (15G) for playing 100 different Community Games using the game over tile.

Challenge AcceptedIt’s AliveChallenge Accepted (5G) unlocked after completing 10 Challenges with It's Alive (5G) popping up after creating a controllable character with my choice being to create a Ranger.

BraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsOn Your Way
On Your Way (5G) unlocked for completing a Tutorial Module and in doing so Braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins (5G) popped up for loading the first brain sequence.

Goal OrientatedLearn the Ropes
Learn the Ropes (10G) unlocked after completing 5 Tutorial Modules which were all quite enjoyable and led to the popping up of Goal Orientated (10G) for completing 20 Goals. 

A Small StepNovice CreatorNovice Creator (5G) unlocked for reaching Spark Level 5 with A Small Step (5G) popping up after completing a Tier 1 Milestone.

1-up?Challenge Champ
1-up? (5G) unlocked after collecting a total of 100 coins in Crossroads which is a create/adventure mode and resulted in the popping up of Challenge Champ (10G) for completing 50 Challenges.

Scarlett ChallengerOnly the beginning
Only the beginning (5G) unlocked for completing my first Crossroads side quest and led to the popping up of Scarlett Challenger (10G) for completing 10 Champion Challenges with Scarlett.

Scarlett HeroHave a Week
Scarlett Hero (10G) unlocked for finishing my first Crossroads experience with Scarlett which resulted in the popping up of Have a Week (10G) for completing a Weekly Challenge. 

Registered Voter
Registered Voter (5G) unlocked for rating my first world and was the culmination of a superb evening session.