Friday, 10 October 2014

Minecraft Completions At The Double

Leader Of The Pack in Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionContinuing a huge backlog, I begin recapping from September 14th with a split session across both versions of Minecraft beginning with the Xbox 360 port which saw the final unlock before completion in the form of Leader Of The Pack (30G) for befriending five wolves and scoring my 36th overall completion.

The End? in Minecraft: Xbox One EditionInto Fire in Minecraft: Xbox One EditionFollowing the previous completion, I imported my save into the Xbox One version in order to close in on completing it and began the final chase with the unlocking of Into Fire (20G) for relieving a Blaze of its rod. The End? (20G) popped up after successflly entering an End Portal.

Zombie Doctor in Minecraft: Xbox One EditionThe End in Minecraft: Xbox One EditionThe final unlock of the day came in the form of The End (40G) which was awarded after killing the Enderdragon. The session carried on into September 15th with the final two unlocks popping up beginning with Zombie Doctor (40G) for curing a zombie villager.

Return to Sender in Minecraft: Xbox One EditionReturn to Sender (30G) unlocked after a lot of effort with the destroying of a Ghast with a fireball which meant I had completed both versions of Minecraft with the new version now becoming my 37th completion.

Rock Your BodyChuck's Wardrobe in Dead Rising 3Later on I had a quick go on Dead Rising 3 which was snapped with Xbox Music and each saw one unlock in the form of Chuck's Wardrobe (20G) for unlocking all of Chuck's costumes and Rock Your Body (0G) for listening to 1000 songs.