Thursday, 11 June 2015

Xbox Backlog Recovery Summary Apr-May

Continuing from the previous post, I will analyse the months of April and May before starting June fresh in the next post with potentially three posts for the first 10 days.


After the huge successes from March, April saw a single goal completion in the form of 125,000 G on the third with the milestone of 190,000 TA reached on the same day. As part of the 2015 Achievement Chase of getting an unlock on 150 different games, the first milestone came on the 21st with the 50th. 

Zombie Driver Ultimate EditionThe final milestone of the month came on the final day of the 30th as I reached 195,000 TA - an accolade that was completed by a huge rise of points on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft which saw the 29th/30th take their places as second best days for TA overall with a combined 3300 odd.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!The month saw three game completions with all three on the Xbox One starting with Zombie Driver Ulitmate Edition on the 11th, Trivial Pursuit Live on the 12th and #IDARB on the 29th.

#IDARBIn terms of numbers for the month, a haul of 122 unlocks was split at 80 on the Xbox One and 42 on the Xbox 360/ Windows 8 platforms.

A best of the year in TA points with the first five figure haul of 11,608 but it was only temporary as will be displayed in the May statistics.

The 3,721 G collected kept up the run of four figure amounts for the year which has averaged at around 3-3500 per month.


As mentioned above, May suffered a blow after the success of April with no game completions for the first month in 2015 and a TA dent which will go down as the worst in my gaming history.

The positive of the month was the goal of 200,000 TA being reached on the 20th while the milestone of 130,000 G was achieved on the same day making for a double celebration in a mixed month.

In terms of numbers, May became the first full month (Feb exempt) to not feature 100+ unlocks with a haul of just 95 which was split 76 on the Xbox One and 19 on the Xbox 360/ Windows 8 platforms.

The 2,476 G collected was down on previous months but enough to continue steady progress towards the year's goals.

However, the TA points stand out with just 1969 earned overall despite over 5,000 across the month but the gap came after a losing 2,179 via Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

Hopefully, the next post will feature the first few days of the current month of June as not a chance am I letting this blog slip so badly again but glad that I have been able to salvage it from a potential shut down.

Xbox Backlog Recovery Summary Feb-Mar

After letting this blog slip massively into a three month slump without a post, I considered ending it completely while also thinking about full catching up. However, even at the rate of even ten days per post, the amount of content would take so long that the backlog would never be fully ended.

As a result, I have decided to try and summarise the missing four separate months with the use of the usual totals from posts and the milestones, goals and completions for those months.


Although this month was featured full until the last post from the 13th-17th, the summary of the second half of the month saw a single milestone in the form of 180,000 TA points achieved. The period saw a single game completion which ironically was started on the 18th and finished six days later on the 24th.

Costume Quest 2The game Costume Quest 2 was an interesting and graphically amazing game with the 18 unlocks making for around eight hours total playtime. 

Overall, February despite being two/three days less than the rest of the year, saw a good set of numbers with a total of 82 unlocks with 61 on the Xbox One and 21 split across the Xbox 360/Windows 8 platforms.

2020G with a huge uneven split of 1795 on the Xbox One while the Xbox 360/Windows 8 platforms saw just 225 with a strong 4278 TA points collected over the month.

In terms of goals, no completions but progress made towards the 120,000G and 6500 achievement accolades.


After the sub 100 unlocks in February, March saw huge success across the board with the first few days seeing the milestone of 120,000 G completed with 185,000 TA reached to the end of the most and a new 'Best Day Ever' on the 27th.

The fact it was that date was strange given it came exactly four years after what was the current record of 27 March 2011. 

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360)Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360)The new trio of records stand at 48 unlocks, 1830 G and 2039 TA in a single day and the day also saw the 45th game completion in the form of  Forza Horizon 2-Fast and Furious (X1) with its sister version completed the following day.

The final milestone of the month came on the 29th as I reached 6500 achievements (not inc apps) which made for a superb month on all accounts. 

The numbers for the month saw a haul of 151 unlocks with a 110 on the Xbox One and 41 split between Xbox 360/Windows 8 while a massive haul of 7742 TA came mostly from the aforementioned completions as did the 4625 G.

XBOX Blog Recovery

Judas in FIFA 09After somehow forgetting I had this blog, I have had to catch-up days in order to continue posting and this backlog begins back at February 13th with a single unlock in the form of Judas (10G) on FIFA 09 for beating my favourite team with a rival.

The Wings of AngelsCrossroads Souls in Project SparkThe next day also saw just a single unlock as Crossroads Souls (10G) popped up on Project Spark for beating a Crossroads Adventure without taking damage while February 15th saw a quartet of unlocks on Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell which began with The Wings of Angels (10G) for being airborne for a combined 10 minutes.

Cluster LuckLevel One DemonLevel One Demon (10G) unlocked after making my first purchase from the Upgrade Store while Cluster Luck (10G) popped up for collecting five Soul Clusters without touching the ground.

Credit Spender in Project Spark (Win 8)Soul in OneThe day ended with the unlocking of Soul in One (20G) for finding 100 Soul Clusters and the Achievement Chase continued into February 16th with a solo unlock on Project Spark of Credit Spender (5G) for unlocking a Credit Unlock Item.

More OverdriveSave EveryoneFebruary 17th saw a session on Sunset Overdrive which saw five unlocks starting with Save Everyone (35G) for saving the city from the second highest robot while More Overdrive (30G) popped up after unlocking a Rank 4 Overdrive.

Mixology 101ExcalibroExcalibro (20G) unlocked after forging the mythical Excalamune which was soon followed by the popping up of Mixology 101 (10G) after collecting 20 Amps from Floyd.

The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships in Costume Quest 2Orange SodaThe session ended with the unlocking of Orange Soda (15G) for killing a total of 5000 OD with the Chase moving on to February 18th and the solo unlock of The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships (50G) for using the clown horn 100 times on Costume Quest 2.