Monday, 31 August 2015

Dogs, Spark, Fitness and Boggle

Match Game 25 in Project SparkThe penultimate post of the month covers the days from the 25th-30th starting with the 25th which saw a quick stop on Project Spark (X1) and the single unlock of Match Game 25 (75G) for making 25 matches in Treasure Trove.

Magic Smoke in Watch_DogsPerfection Perfected in Xbox FitnessThe next day saw a split starting with Xbox Fitness (X1) featuring the unlock of Perfection Perfected (75G) for completing 10 sessions with a 5-star rating. A quick go on Watch_Dogs (X1) saw Magic Smoke (10G) pop up after killing four enemies within a single instance of Focus.

Clear SignalsWho Is Raymond Kenney?The following day saw the same split but with two more unlocks on Watch_Dogs (X1) in the form of Who Is Raymond Kenney (10G) for completing Act 2 with Clear Signals (30G) popping up after unlocking every ctOS Tower.

One Down, One to GoAdvanced in Xbox FitnessA quick stop on Xbox Fitness (X1) saw Advanced (100G) unlock after earning a total of 100 workout stars. Watch_Dogs (X1) began the next day with four unlocks starting with One Down, One to Go (15G) for completing Act 3.

Disk Space FullVengeanceDisk Space Full (30G) clicked in after unlocking every song with the SongSneak app with Vengeance (15G) popping up after completing Act 4.

PeepholeLog OffLog Off (100G) unlocked after completing Act 5 with the session continued into the 29th with one more unlock in the form of Peephole (30G) after completing every Privacy Invasion.

Spelling Bee Contender in BoggleThe final day of the post saw the debut of Boggle (X1) with the single unlock of Spelling Bee Contender (50G) after finishing first in an online game.

Dogs, Spark and Rare Replay

Karaoke Superstar in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionMartial Law in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionThis next post features the days of the 20th-24th which began with a quick go on Sleeping Dogs (X1) and the single unlock of Martial Law (15G) for defeating all four Martial Arts Clubs. The session continued into the next day with Karaoke Superstar popping after achieving 90% for all Karaoke songs in the bar.

Three-peat in Project SparkBig Smiles All Around in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionBig Smiles All Around (50G) unlocked after completing Big Smile Lee with a quick stop on Project Spark (X1) resulting in Three-peat (50G) for making three matches in a row in Treasure Trove.

The Day is Just BeginningBig Money in Project SparkThe 22nd saw  Project Spark (X1) continue with Big Money (75G) popping up after clearing a board in the Treasure Trove with a move to Rare Replay (X1) featuring two unlocks starting with The Day is Just Beginning (20G) for playing Conker's Bad Fur Day for the first time.

Over At the Frankenstein PlaceK-Lobb-erative EffortOver At the Frankenstein Place (20G) ended the day after playing Grabbed by the Ghoulies for the first time. The session continued into the next day in the form of six unlocks starting with K-Lobb-erative Effort (20G) unlocking after playing each character in Killer Instinct Gold.

The Director's ChairA Historic VictoryA Historic Victory (30G) popped up after playing as Gargos on Killer Instinct Gold with The Director's Chair (30G) following after viewing all the 'Making Of' features in Rare Revealed.

A Gallery Seat
Get a Grip!Get a Grip! (15G) unlocked after collecting 50 upgrades on R.C. Pro-Am which led to the accolade of A Gallery Seat (20G) for earning the Player Rank of "Enthusiast".

Waging WarAsk Questions LaterA third day on Rare Replay (X1) saw two further unlocks in the shape of Ask Questions Later (15G) for firing 250 bullets on Gunfight and Waging War (15G) for shooting 100 money bags on Gunfight. 

Dogs, Cards and Sparks

StuntmanMan Around TownAfter a drop in blogging, a catch-up before the end of the month begins with the 11th-19th. Aug 11th saw a session split between Sleeping Dogs (X1) and Microsoft Solitaire Collection (W10) with four unlocks starting with Man Around Town (20G) for visiting Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point. Stuntman (5G) popped up for successfully performing an action hijack.

Peak Jumper in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 10)That'll Show 'emThat'll Show 'em (20G) followed after completing Payback with the switch to Windows 10 resulting in the final unlock of the evening. Peak Jumper (30G) came after clearing a board where the last three cards were at the top of each peak in TriPeaks.

Get JiggyMumbo JumboThe 12th began with a debut for Banjo-Kazooie which saw two unlocks starting with Get Jiggy (10G) for collecting two Jiggles with Mumbo Jumbo (10G) following after being transformed by Mumbo for the first time.

Skilled Creator in Project SparkSkilled Creator in Project Spark (Win 8)A quick go on Project Spark (X1) saw Skilled Creator (10G) pop up with the sync leading to the same unlock popping on Project Spark (W8) for another (10G).

Decision Maker in Project Spark (Win 8)Ranger Savant in Project Spark (Win 8)The 13th saw Project Spark (W8) continue with two unlocks in the shape of Ranger Savant (20G) for reaching level 20 with Scarlett and Decision Maker (10G) for making my 100th Crossroads choice.

Gold RushGadgetmanThe 14th saw a session on Sleeping Dogs (X1) which featured five unlocks starting with Gold Rush (10G) for achieving five Gold Stat Awards with Gadgetman (20G) popping up after picking a lock, planting a bug, tracing a phone, cracking a safe and hacking a camera.

A Slap in the FaceA Slap in the Face (10G) swung in after killing someone with a fish with Officer (15G) popping up after completing 25% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races.

FoodieA Big BetrayalA Big Betrayal (35G) ended the day after completing Dockyard Heist. The session continued into the next day with a further eight unlocks starting with Foodie (10G) after trying 10 different foods and drinks.

InfowlableSubstantial SilverSubstantial Silver (15G) shone in after achieving 15 Silver Stat Awards with Infowlable (15G) clucking in after winning 50,000 on a single cockfight.

Gaining FaceTouristTourist (10G) visited after winning a bet on a cockfight with Gaining Face (25G) popping up after reaching Face Level five.

Pet CemeteryKleptomaniacKleptomaniac (15G) unlocked after hijacking five trucks and collecting their cargo with Pet Cemetery (15G) popping up after sending Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail back to Hell.

Photographic MemoryI Can Haz BanishmentThe day ended with the unlocking of I Can Haz Banishment (50G) after banishing Smiley Cat.  The 16th saw a session on Project Spark (X1) which featured three unlocks starting with Photographic Memory (50G) for making 10 matches in the Treasure Trove.

Conker HeroConker’s NemesisConker's Nemesis (10G) unlocked after defeating the Crate of Squirrel's with Conker with Conker Hero (10G) popping up after the first Crossroads experience with Conker.

The Squirrel’s Apprentice in Project SparkConker Challenger in Project SparkThe session continued into the 17th with two further unlocks in the form of Conker Challenger (10G) for completing 10 Champion challenges with Conker and The Squirrel's Apprentice (10G) for reaching level 10 with Conker.

SharpshooterCase ClosedThe 18th saw a session on Sleeping Dogs (X1) with six unlocks which began with Case Closed (30G) for completing all cases. Sharpshooter (25G) shot in after shooting a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase.

Safe DriverGun NutGun Nut (15G) unlocked after using 10 different firearms to defeat enemies with Safe Driver (20G) skidding in after cruising for two minutes over 60Km/h without damaging the car.

Golden TouchDetectiveGolden Touch (30G) shone in after achieving 15 Gold Stat Awards with Detective (35G) popping up after completing 50% of all missions, cases, favours, events, jobs and races.

Level UpDead… Again.This posts ends with the 19th which saw a debut for How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition (X1) which featured four unlocks starting with Dead... Again. (15G) for achieving my first instant kill on a zombie. Level Up (15G) followed after unlocking the first skill.

One per secDiscoverer I
One per sec (15G) ticked in after killing five zombies in under five seconds with Discoverer I (15G) popping up after entering La Vendida Island.