Monday, 30 September 2013

FIFA 14 Captains Fine Scoring

Passing on the ArmbandPassing on the ArmbandAfter a spectacular first day on Fifa 14, I played on the career mode for a while but this came after unlocking another four achievements to add to yesterday's total of 18. The unlocks began with Passing on the Armband (5G) for changing my Ultimate Team captain while Fancy Some FUT? (5G) popped up for following a Football Club alert to enter FUT.

Who Needs a Weak Foot?What a Hit, Son!What a Hit, Son! (25G) shot in for scoring with a Dipping Volley which came from Pogba while in an Ultimate Team tournament while Who Needs a Weak Foot? (10G came after scoring with a shot from the outside of the foot in this case it was Sturridge scoring an 85th minute winner against Aston Villa in career mode.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

FIFA 14 Scores 18

A break from GTA V sees newly released FIFA 14 take centre stage and what a spectacular day it was with a stunning 18 achievements totalling 240G.

Thanks, TipsStarted From The Bottom…The haul began with Started From The Bottom (30G) for reaching EASFC level 15 which was an instant pop-up having reached 23 on previous versions.Thanks. Tips (5G) unlocked for following a Football Club recommendation.

It's Mine Now
Start BuildingIt's Mine Now (10G) popped up for redeeming an item from the Football Club catalogue while Start Building (10G) came after creating a FUT club which saw me move from my traditional Stattosians to Stattosians FC.

Power and MovementFuel For My ClubFuel For My Club (25G) unlocked for opening 20 packs in FUT, the reason that I unlocked it so quickly was because I had opened 16 on the FUT web app pre-release. Power and Movement (10G) thrust in for scoring with a curling lace shot which came via Valbuena.

Skills to Pay the BillsSeconds, PleaseSeconds, Please (10G) unlocked for winning the ball back with a second chance tackle while Skills to Pay the Bills (20G) popped up for beating a friend's score in a skill game.

First MissionSo SkilledSo Skilled (20G) tricked in for unlocking a first skill challenge in skill games which was on the goalkeeping skill while First Mission (5G) popped up for sending a scout on a scouting mission.

ControlYou Got MailYou Got Mail (5G) unlocked for opening the inbox while advancing in a career while Control (5G) popped up for changing the formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during a career.

Chemistry ExperimentYou Struck Gold!You Stuck Gold! (25G) unlocked for finding a player through scouting with any three Global Transfer Network attributes in career mode while Chemistry Experiment (10G) bubbled up for applying a Chemistry Style to a player in FUT.

I Could Do This Every WeekHey Look, a Free Gold Pack! I Could Do This Every Week ( 10G) unlocked for challenging the Team of the Week in FUT while Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack! (15G) opened up for completing all manager tasks in FUT.

Long Term SigningFrom Me To YouFrom Me To You (10G) unlocked for gifting an item to a friend and finally to bring the night to a close, Long Term Signing (10G) popped up for applying a 99 match contract to a player in FUT.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

GTA V Evades The Police

Three Man Army Achievement in Grand Theft Auto VAnother couple of hours effort on missions and pastimes put me over 60% completion on GTA V with FIFA 14 on the horizon and a single unlock in the shape of Three Man Army (20G) which shot in for surviving three minutes with a three star wanted level with all three characters together off mission.

Friday, 27 September 2013

GTA V Cult Delivery

Altruist AcolyteGTA V continued the run of daily achievements but only a single this time in the shape of Altruist Acolyte (5G) for delivering an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist cult.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

GTA V Taxiing and Modding

Los Santos CustomsAnother late evening go on GTA V saw two unlocks beginning with Los Santos Customs (10G) for fully modding a vehicle while All's Fare in Love and War (10G) drove in for purchasing Downtown Cab Co. and completing a private fare.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

GTA Shark Attack

Out of Your Depth Achievement in Grand Theft Auto VI continued through GTA V and have gone from 45-51% completion and also unlocked a strange achievement - Out of Your Depth (5G) for being attacked by a shark and eaten.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

GTA V Takes Me Over 500

Small Town, Big JobA Fair Day's PayA late evening go on GTA V included another heist which after being successfully completed saw A Fair Day's Pay (20G) unlock which was my 500th unlock of 2013 but the success didn't end there as later on in the day, another heist again completed successfully saw Small Town, Big Job (20G) pop up for making a big impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.

GTA V Heists Raise Shares

Trading Pure AlphaA Friendship ResurrectedA full day of GTA V action saw four unlocks beginning with A Friendship Resurrected (10G) which unlocked after a reunion mission between Michael and Trevor while Trading Pure Alpha (10G) popped up for gaining a profit from stock market investments.

BlitzedSubversiveA tricky heist above and under water saw Subversive (20G) surfaced for stealing an experimental super weapon from Merryweather and giving it back and later on Blitzed (20G) flew in for completing a successful Blitz Play.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

GTA V Goes On a Heist

Diamond Hard Achievement in Grand Theft Auto VAnother long evening on GTA saw a lot of missions completed but only one achievement, Diamond Hard (20G) for cleaning out Vangleico to repay Martin Madrazo.

Friday, 20 September 2013

GTA V Continues

Pimp My Sidearm Achievement in Grand Theft Auto VAnother couple of hours on GTA V saw story progression but only one achievement which was Pimp My Sidearm (10G) for fully modding a weapon.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

GTA V Journey Begins

The wait was finally over as GTA V appeared through the door and was then installed to the 360 system and hopefully will be an amazing game to play.
Welcome to Los Santos Achievement in Grand Theft Auto V
Only one achievement on the first day which was Welcome to Los Santos (10G) repoing a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Castle Of Illusion Collects

An early morning go on Castle Of Illusion saw a pursuit of the remaining collectibles which when found unlocked three achievements and out me only one shy of completing the game in its entirety.

QuackshotWorld of IllusionWorld of Illusion (40G) unlocked for collecting all of the Magic Playing Cards while Quickshot (40G) shot in for collecting all of Donald's Chilli Peppers.

Masters of IllusionFinally, Masters of Illusion (40G) conjured in for completing all of the Castle Statues and was fair reward for a long week of effort with only the achievement for collecting all of the Diamonds left to unlock.