Monday, 30 September 2013

FIFA 14 Captains Fine Scoring

Passing on the ArmbandPassing on the ArmbandAfter a spectacular first day on Fifa 14, I played on the career mode for a while but this came after unlocking another four achievements to add to yesterday's total of 18. The unlocks began with Passing on the Armband (5G) for changing my Ultimate Team captain while Fancy Some FUT? (5G) popped up for following a Football Club alert to enter FUT.

Who Needs a Weak Foot?What a Hit, Son!What a Hit, Son! (25G) shot in for scoring with a Dipping Volley which came from Pogba while in an Ultimate Team tournament while Who Needs a Weak Foot? (10G came after scoring with a shot from the outside of the foot in this case it was Sturridge scoring an 85th minute winner against Aston Villa in career mode.