Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bully back in school

Next up is Bully, only two achievements left both quite difficult which is why they still remain, the first is to pick 50 flowers but only 10 can be held a once so involves 40 being given. I started a new game because on my main save, flowers can no longer be given. Within an hour of playing up pops Green Thumbs Up (20G) the achievement I have previously discussed. This leaves the final achievement of the 38 which is to complete the game 100%. Currently I have 93.59% so some catching up to do.

Bulletstorm Echoes Challenge

Back on Bulletstorm and attempting to complete most of the Echoes challenges. After playing across all 14, Shooting Star (10G) unlocked for receiving at least one star per challenge to put me on 28/50 achievements on the game. Later on came Om Nom Nom! (10G) for kicking a Nom Parasite into a fly-trap.

 Celebrity (40G) popped soon after for performing 75% (99) of the available Skillshots. This happened after discovering I was on 96, then going on to find three Skillshots that I could do with the current weapons I had and success came with 'Topless' being the clincher for the achievement for 'blasting away the top half of an enemy'.

That last achievement hit the halfway mark for the completion  (30/60) but with the DLC that I have not purchased there are 20 achievements and for 1600MS (£14) it is not worth the price for just the achievements and also there is no guarantee of fully unlocking them so time to move on.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bulletstorm fires in after a break

After a five day break from 'Xboxing' due to being busy, the A-Z moves on to Bulletstorm and as with many of my games, the story/campaign had been completed so I will try to add to the 24 achievements already unlocked by going on certain levels or Echoes. The unlocking began with Pointless (10G) which popped for 10 head shots on enemies before the first Dropkit. Chop-Chopper (30G) flew in after killing the enemy in the airborne helicopter in the park.

Old School (15G) unlocked next for completing an 'Echoes' level without winning a 'Skillshot' to end a quick night back on the '360.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Brunswick Pro Bowling hts a Strike

As Brunswick PB is a kinect game it would be hard to play at night due to moving furniture about so it has a lace during the day while BL 2007 is at night.

This afternoon on Brunswick PB a few quick achievements which began with Wrist Guard (50G) for unlocking my first wrist guard and followed swiftly by Ball (100G) for my first ball unlock and joined by Rival Victor (100G) for winning my first rival challenge, all three unlocked at the same time and every achievement on the game has the same standard icon for some unknown reason.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Brian Lara 2007 Hits A Six

A late go on Brian Lara 2007 unlocked Complete Batting Tutorial (10G) just before midnight to get a solitary achievement for today (15th). Onto the 16th and next unlocked was the final tutorial achievement, Complete Fielding Tutorial (10G).

Monday, 13 August 2012

Brian Lara 2007 bowls in

Onto Brian Lara 2007 and a quick unlock of Complete Bowling Tutorial (10G) then off to bed.

Borderlands 100% Completed

Next up in the A-Z is Borderlands, a game that has been sitting in the rack with one solitary achievement left to unlock out of 80. The achievement involves collecting 25 oil cans but the game has no tracker so I could be on five of fifteen but as there is a record of unlocking at least one achievement per game so far in the run this has to be done before I move on.

I decided to have a quick go to see if I could get any oil cans and the first enemy I killed dropped an oil can and I thought it was just one closer to the target but the instant I picked it up, 'pop' and there it was The Lubricator (10G) the last achievement needed to finally see the words 'Borderlands 100% complete'. All that wait and it took less than a minute to seal it, next up is Brian Lara 2007 but that's not in the frame for completion so unlock a few achievements and move on.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Blur Mined

Final go on Blur before moving on and unlocked It's A Trap (20G) for mastering the Mine power-up. Popped on Multiplayer and nice surprise as after one race I unlocked the Giant Killer (10G) for beating a Level 50 player.

Incoming (20G) for the mastering of the Shunt power-up took a long time but the reward was worth the effort as was Furiously Fast (20G) for mastering the Nitro power-up.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Blur Bolted

A late go on Blur saw the unlock of Sharp Shooter (20G) for mastering the bolt power-up with work on other achievements ongoing.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blur Mastering

A late go on Blur began with Shocking (20G) after matering the Shock power-up followed by Speed Demon (25G) for hitting set speeds in class A, B, C and D cars. The latter achievement also brought my achievement completion overall to 35% and at the same time put me on 80,000 True Achievement points.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blur Continues

Another one-on-one battle this time with Talon and the win unlocked Talon-t-ed (20G) but some effort on Rhymer's demands unlocked his one-on-one and by winning that I unlocked Fan boy (20G) then off to Sleep

Later on in the day back on Blur after blogging for the Olympics and unlocked Win some, lose some, wreck some (20G) it came a surprise as the current race finished and then up it popped, it unlocked due that last race being the only one I needed to win in order to 'Master all Race events'. In winning the final one-on-one I unlocked A Fast One (30G) for defeating Shannon in the final showdown and in doing so hit 60025 gamerscore leaving less than 40k to my 100,000.

Off for a few hours and back on for the nightly go and unlocked Light's Out Meatball (25G) for completing four one-on-one objectives.Medic (20G) unlocked due to mastering the Repair power-up.

Fans are the aim of the game and next unlocked was For The Fans (25G) for mastering the Fan Demands. Another power-up mastered was the Barge which unlocked Outta My Way! (20G)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blur resumes

Another late go on Blur came with another one-on-one to tackle and success against Carver unlocked Going Grey (20G)

Saturday, 4 August 2012


A late go on Blur saw the unlock of Syberian Express (20G) for defeating Drayke in his one-on-one battle followed swiftly by Double Trouble (20G) for defeating Ayumi and Hakumi in the two-on-one battle.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bioshock 2 Protector Trials

After a busy few days on the Olympic blog, back to Bioshock 2 for one last attempt at a few achievements before moving along. The reason for this is that I had already unlocked 40/68 before revisiting the game and of the remaining 28, 15 are online only and seemingly unobtainable with few if any users online currently. so with 13 to aim for and the story on hard a long haul, I decided to got for a couple in the Protector Trials and the other night I hooked one. Today I got another after some practise I unlocked Perfect Protector (20G) for collecting all the ADAM in one stage i chose Adonis Baths 2 because of the mass amount of traps that can be set making it an easier attempt than other levels. The next game in the A-Z will be Blur.