Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blur Continues

Another one-on-one battle this time with Talon and the win unlocked Talon-t-ed (20G) but some effort on Rhymer's demands unlocked his one-on-one and by winning that I unlocked Fan boy (20G) then off to Sleep

Later on in the day back on Blur after blogging for the Olympics and unlocked Win some, lose some, wreck some (20G) it came a surprise as the current race finished and then up it popped, it unlocked due that last race being the only one I needed to win in order to 'Master all Race events'. In winning the final one-on-one I unlocked A Fast One (30G) for defeating Shannon in the final showdown and in doing so hit 60025 gamerscore leaving less than 40k to my 100,000.

Off for a few hours and back on for the nightly go and unlocked Light's Out Meatball (25G) for completing four one-on-one objectives.Medic (20G) unlocked due to mastering the Repair power-up.

Fans are the aim of the game and next unlocked was For The Fans (25G) for mastering the Fan Demands. Another power-up mastered was the Barge which unlocked Outta My Way! (20G)