Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bulletstorm Echoes Challenge

Back on Bulletstorm and attempting to complete most of the Echoes challenges. After playing across all 14, Shooting Star (10G) unlocked for receiving at least one star per challenge to put me on 28/50 achievements on the game. Later on came Om Nom Nom! (10G) for kicking a Nom Parasite into a fly-trap.

 Celebrity (40G) popped soon after for performing 75% (99) of the available Skillshots. This happened after discovering I was on 96, then going on to find three Skillshots that I could do with the current weapons I had and success came with 'Topless' being the clincher for the achievement for 'blasting away the top half of an enemy'.

That last achievement hit the halfway mark for the completion  (30/60) but with the DLC that I have not purchased there are 20 achievements and for 1600MS (£14) it is not worth the price for just the achievements and also there is no guarantee of fully unlocking them so time to move on.