Monday, 13 August 2012

Borderlands 100% Completed

Next up in the A-Z is Borderlands, a game that has been sitting in the rack with one solitary achievement left to unlock out of 80. The achievement involves collecting 25 oil cans but the game has no tracker so I could be on five of fifteen but as there is a record of unlocking at least one achievement per game so far in the run this has to be done before I move on.

I decided to have a quick go to see if I could get any oil cans and the first enemy I killed dropped an oil can and I thought it was just one closer to the target but the instant I picked it up, 'pop' and there it was The Lubricator (10G) the last achievement needed to finally see the words 'Borderlands 100% complete'. All that wait and it took less than a minute to seal it, next up is Brian Lara 2007 but that's not in the frame for completion so unlock a few achievements and move on.