Friday, 31 January 2014

Xbox Fitness/SvZ Continue as Ty The Tiger Begins

Furious Fists

UnstoppableA return to my fitness routine saw three gruelling workouts on Xbox Fitness with the extra reward of two unlocks beginning with Unstoppable (30G) for winning five drill challenges in a single session while Furious Fists (30G) popped up for throwing 1000 punches.

So LongClear the RoomI moved on to Samurai v Zombies Defense and soon unlocked Clean the Room (5G) for killing 250 undead with the Katana Wave ability while So Long (5G) popped up for killing the Demon Shogun.

They got thisThis land is SafeThis land is Safe (25G) unlocked for completing 50 waves while They got this (5G) popped up for beating a wave using only the farmer and swordsmith.

In The Nick Of TYmeYou've Still Got ItI purchased Ty The Tasmanian Tiger as part of the Win 8 Red Stripe deals for £2.59 and after a quick half-hour of play, I had earned four unlocks beginning with You've Still Got It (5G) for throwing a 'rang while In The Nick Of TYme (5G) popped up for completing a Time Attack.
Reptile Round-Up
In The Nick Of TYme Name In Lights (5G) unlocked for posting to a challenge leaderboard while Reptile Round-Up (5G) popped up for defeating 100 Frills.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Samurai v Zombies Defense Kills and Launches

Every able bodyEvery able bodyAs I had a mixed day there was only a split session on Samurai v Zombies Defense which saw four unlocks beginning with Every able body (5G) for upgrading 25 Farmers using the Swordsmith while Spider Demon (5G) popped up for killing the Jorogumo.

Razor Sharp
Razor SharpRazor Sharp (5G) unlocked for killing 100 undead with the Katana Slash while You a winner hahaha (5G) popped up for launching 1000 pachinko balls.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

GTA V Drops In As Samurai v Zombies Continues

Halfway ThereThe Moment of Truth in Grand Theft Auto VA quick go on GTA V saw the unlocking of The Moment of Truth (10G) for uncovering the truth about Brad while later on, I went on SvZ and unlocked two achievements beginning with Halfway There (15G) for completing 25 waves.

We need shotgunsWe need shotguns (5G) popped up for upgrading 25 archers with the Rifleman and brought the achievement streak to 147 unlocks in 31 days.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Samurai v Zombies And Dead Island Drop In

How many days exactly? in Dead IslandWho's all here? in Samurai vs Zombies Defense (Win 8)After a busy day trying to sort out my printer and then having to order a new one after it was unfixable only a small game session at the end of the night was possible and I began on Samurai v Zombies and unlocked Who's all here? (5G) for summoning every unit. Next up was a quick go on Dead Island and unlocked How many days exactly? (10G) for playing the game more than 28 days after the first time.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Rayman Legends Reaches 50% Completion

Let him do the jobBouncing IslandAfter beginning a return to Rayman Legends late Saturday night, I continued into Sunday either side of sleeping and unlocked a total of 14 achievements which put me at 56% completion of the game overall. Bouncing Island (10G) unlocked for collecting all the lums above the bouncing island in 'The Mysterious Inflatable Island while Let him do the job (10G) popped up for letting the Luchador kill ten enemies in ' Lucha Libre Get Away'.

Watch out!Mad world!Mad world! (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Marachi Madness' painting and was soon followed by Watch out! (10G) for killing ten Toads using their own projectiles.  

Everywhere!Challenger!Challenger! (20G) pinged in as I unlocked all the Challenge paintings and instantly, Everywhere! (10G) popped up for taking part in each of the four available challenges.

Rubber DucksFirst stepsFirst steps (10G) unlocked after winning my first Bronze cup in a challenge while Rubber Ducks (10G) popped up for destroying five ducks sent by Sharkmen.

We could be heroesSplash!Splash! (10G) unlocked after completing the 'Gloo Gloo' painting and was soon followed by we could be heroes (20G) for collecting enough lums to unlock ten Heroes paintings.
Journey to the moon
Teensies' heroTeensies' Hero (30G) unlocked for rescuing 300 Teensies and as the credits ran, Journey to the moon (40G) popped up for getting rid of all five Dark Teensies.
Dragon Rider!
Dragon Rider (10G) unlocked for completing the 'Dragon Sslayer' painting and the night ended with They're so cute (10G) for winning 30 creatures and brought up 210G for the day and pushed the achievement streak to 142 in 29 days and 137 for the year itself. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Madden 25 Scores as Rayman Legends Returns

UnstoppableHappy 25th MaddenAs the Superbowl is only a week away, it tempted me to got on Madden 25 and in my franchise career as Washington I scored three unlocks beginning with Happy 25th Madden (25G) for scoring 25 points in a game and celebrating 25 years of Madden  while Unstoppable (25G) popped up for trucking a defender during a run. 
Strike! in Rayman LegendsBlaine Gabbert Legacy AwardBlaine Gabbert Legacy Award (10G) unlocked for surpassing a legacy score of 2 and later on, I went on Rayman Legends on the 360 and unlocked Strike (10G) for killing five enemies with Turnips. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Powerstar Golf On Par as Peggle 2 Returns

Objection! in Peggle 2
Fore! in Powerstar GolfThe day began with a quick go on Peggle 2 while I was downloading Powerstar Golf and unlocked Objection (25G) for completing 60 optional objectives. As the download had finished, I then went on Powerstar Golf which I got on sale after waiting for it to drop in price since the Xbox One launch and over a split four hour session, I unlocked eight achievements beginning with Fore! (5G) for achieving an amateur rating in a career event.

SureshotValuable Commodity in Powerstar GolfValuable Commodity (10G) unlocked for equipping three different boosters in a single round while Sureshot (20G) popped up for hitting three perfect strikes on a par five hole ending in a par score or better.

Chip & InMovie StarMovie Star (25G) unlocked for holing out spectacularly to trigger an automatic game clip as can be seen in the following video with other clever shots with Chip & In (20G) popping up for chipping the ball into the cup from off  the green from the aforementioned shot.

Best Friends TwiceTweet TweetThe special shot spawned a third achievement in the shape of Tweet Tweet (10G) for scoring a birdie while Best Friends Twice (25G) popped up for beating a friend's record, losing it and then regaining it.

No ContestNo Contest (10G) unlocked after completing three Powerstar challenges and ended the session and was the final achievement of the day that brought the current achievement streak to 124 in 27 days.