Wednesday, 22 January 2014

FIFA 14 Double Titles

I continued my run of FIFA 14 on both consoles and have gone a long way to completion but the remaining achievements require a second person and some luck in shooting so after a five day run, it is time to move on to different games though I will keep checking weekly for the UT packs.

Just Dropped InA Legendary PerformanceFirst up was the 360 version and the early unlocking of A Legendary Performance (30G) for winning on Legendary after trailing at half-time while Just Dropped In (10G) popped up for playing a Drop-In match in Pro Clubs.

Silverware in FIFA 14Rising StarRising Star (30G) unlocked for being featured in Team of the Week in a playing career and Silverware (50G) unlocked for winning a trophy as a manager.

Long Term SigningPerfection I had planned to go on Xbox Fitness but my workout from the previous day caused a minor injury so instead I went onto the One version of FIFA 14 and unlocked Long Term Signing (10G) for applying a 99 match contract from the catalogue to a FUT player. Perfection (30G) popped up for scoring a perfect hatrick - left and right foot and header.

Fuel For My Club (35G) unlocked for opening 20 pacts in FUT while the night ended as Silverware (50G) popped up for winning a trophy as a manager.
SilverwareFuel For My Club

 Gamerscore on todays is correct as yesterday should have been  81,600 not 81,780.