Sunday, 12 January 2014

Minesweeper Returns With DLC

How typical that in completing The Saboteur to reach 27 completions, a day later one of my completions disappeared as Microsoft Minesweeper gained new DLC but strange that it was completely unannounced and I only noticed after checking my written list of completions.

Came To PlayFirst Rung of the LadderSo this meant an attempt to try and re complete which will be near impossible given the timescale of some achievements but I have five done already which began with First Rung of the Ladder (5G) for reaching the exit on Level 1 in Adventure mode while Came To Play (5G) popped up for playing my first daily challenge.

Flag HappyCame To WinCame To Win (10G) unlocked for winning my first daily challenge and was swiftly followed by Flag Happy (5G) for filling a classic board with flags.

Serious BusinessThe night ended with Serious Business (5G) for uncovering a square touching six or more mines and brings the current achievement streak to 44 in 14 days.