Friday, 10 January 2014

The Saboteur Finally Completed

Even though I have a minority amount of games compared to a lot of people out there, it was bad to see when I returned to The Saboteur that I had not unlocked anything on it for over three years so I was very proud to finally complete the achievement list with the final two unlocks.

CasanovaSolid GoldSolid Gold (50G) unlocked for completing all gold perks while the illusive 45th and final achievement on the game came in the shape of Casanova (10G) for kissing 50 women to escape alarms, which I boosted by using the lucky woman halfway up the Eiffel tower.

So The Saboteur becomes my first completion of 2014 and 27th overall meaning the goals of 30 and 50 are one step closer to being reached.