Sunday, 30 September 2012

Angry Birds Swoops to Success

The evening began with me reaching Episode 2 of the Classic mode and Sniper (15G) unlocked for smashing a distant pig with a direct hit and Hyperefficient (10G) for finishing a level with a single bird.

Spirit Of St Louis (20G) unlocked a bit later for sending birds a total of 100km and Wright Flyer (10G) unlocked for making a bird fly 200m.

Completed Poached Eggs (15G) unlocked for completing Episode 1 without using the Mighty Eagle. At 11.59pm just before the daily TA cut off I unlocked Bacon (20G) for smashing 1000 pigs.

Sunday began unlocking instantly at 12.01 am with Block Breaker (10G) for smashing 5000 blocks.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fifa 13 Challenges While Angry Birds Fly In

After a great start to the game with six early achievements, tonight I unlocked Challenging (10G) for completing an EASFC challenge taking Dortmund from 1-3 down on 59 minutes to beat Hamburg 4-3. Bronzed (30G) followed for reaching the required score in every skill to achieve bronze status.

Another new game this week is the Angry Birds Trilogy, so I popped on that and on the first level unlocked Squeak (10G) for hitting a Pig and swiftly followed by You Are A Star (10G) for finishing a level with three stars.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Fifa 13 Takes An Early Lead

Thanks to, Fifa 13 arrived a day early meaning that come midnight of release day I could boot it up. Within minutes of setting up the game up popped EASFC Youth Academy (10G) for reaching level 5 of the EA Sports Football club due to my experience on previous versions.  After the games introduction, I browsed the catalogue and purchased my first product which unlocked Big Spender (10G) for redeeming EASFC credits.

Skill Games next and received Road To Mastery (30G) for unlocking a skill challenge, the skill was the shooting skill. Onto Ultimate Team and in the 'Intro' match, Messi opened the scoring with a sublime chip to unlock Cheeky (5G).

After the game which I won 6-0, Mr Manager (10G) unlocked as I took control of an Ultimate Team. Next I created a managerial career and unlocked So Euro (5G) for enabling European competition for the first season of play.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bordelands 2 Goes Shopping

Tuesday began with the unlocking of Better Than Money (20G) for buying 5 items from the Black Market. Bounty Hunter (25G) popped up soon after for completing 20 side missions.

The night ended at 4am after numerous efforts I finally defeated the W4R D3N and received No Man Left Behind (20G)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Borderlands 2 Explores The Area

After a decent start to the game, I continued with the main missions and soon unlocked New In Town (20G) for completing the mission 'Plan B' followed by Tribute To A Vault Hunter (15G) for receiving an item from Michael Mamaril.

Up High, Down Low (15G) popped up next for high-fiving Claptrap after finding his secret stash in Sanctuary. All the hard work and killing led to Better Than You Were (10G)  for reaching level 10 in XP.

Sunday night ended with An Old Flame (20G) for completing the mission 'Hunting The Firehawk'. Monday began with Token Gesture (20G) for redeeming 25 tokens.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Borderlands 2 Shoots In

The second of this weeks new games is Borderlands 2 which hopefully will be just as good if not better than its predecessor which at times I did 12 hour shifts on in 2010. Off we go....

First One's Free (10G) unlocked within 10 minutes of playing for completing the first mission, 'My First Gun' and soon after I had levelled up enough to unlock Not Quite Dead (5G) for reaching level 5.

A lot of fighting and levelling up led to Dragon Slayer (20G) for completing the mission 'Best Minion Ever'. The night ended with A Road Less Travelled (20G) for completing the mission 'The Road To Sanctuary'.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

F1 2012 Leaves The Pits

New game release in F1 2012 and began with the Young Driver Test and on the fourth test, I had to perform a flashback and in doing so unlocked Let's Try That Again (5G). In the Kers/DRS test I then unlocked Just A Taster (35G) for my first test gold medal.

A 1-2 of Earn Your Stripes (5G) and Graduation Day (25G) for earning all chevrons and fully completing the Young Driver Test.

Next I went into the Career mode and suddenly unlocked Made The Papers (20G) followed by The Pressure (5G) for setting a valid lap in One-Shot qualifying.

 Later on, FORMULA ONE Is Back! (5G) unlocked for completing my first race in Career mode. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sleeping Dogs Promotes Safe Driving

Wednesday began with Safe Driver (20G) for driving for two full minutes without hitting anything or 'clean driving' as the game puts it.

Next a double unlock when betting on Cockfighting, Tourist (10G) for winning a bet on Cockfighting and Infowlable (15G) for winning a bet of 50,000.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sleeping Dogs Nears Halfway

After a flourish over the weekend, Tuesday began with two quick unlocks with Gun Nut (15G) for utilising ten different firearms and Detective (35G) for reaching 50% completion of the game.

I saved for the night/early morning having completed the story mode and as such unlocked Big Smiles All Around (50G). 100G in two hours and it took 20 hours to do the entire story mode.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sleeping Dogs Is On The Case

An afternoon go began with the unlocking of Substantial Silver (15G) for achieving 15 Silver Stat awards. A Big Betrayal (35G) soon followed for completing Dockyard Heist.

Kleptomaniac (15G) stole in for hijacking and delivering five trucks successfully and swiftly followed by Gaining Face (25G) for reaching Face Level 5.

Sharpshooter (25G) shot in as the next unlock as I shot out the tires on a chasing cop car.  A Slap In The Face (10G) hit in next for basically killing an enemy with a fish.

Karaoke Superstar (10G) popped after excellent work in achieving over 90% in all eight songs and just before midnight to leave Sunday with nine unlocks for a total of 170G. Monday began with Case Closed (30G) for completing all cases.