Monday, 17 September 2012

Sleeping Dogs Is On The Case

An afternoon go began with the unlocking of Substantial Silver (15G) for achieving 15 Silver Stat awards. A Big Betrayal (35G) soon followed for completing Dockyard Heist.

Kleptomaniac (15G) stole in for hijacking and delivering five trucks successfully and swiftly followed by Gaining Face (25G) for reaching Face Level 5.

Sharpshooter (25G) shot in as the next unlock as I shot out the tires on a chasing cop car.  A Slap In The Face (10G) hit in next for basically killing an enemy with a fish.

Karaoke Superstar (10G) popped after excellent work in achieving over 90% in all eight songs and just before midnight to leave Sunday with nine unlocks for a total of 170G. Monday began with Case Closed (30G) for completing all cases.