Thursday, 26 June 2014

Deadlight Exploring

Don't Lose Your HeadFlirtin with DisasterA long evening session on Deadlight saw a lot of exploring and as a result a lot of unlocks with a haul of 11 coming from the session. Flirtin with Disaster (10G) unlocked for tackling an enemy with Don't Lose Your Head (15G) popping up after killing an enemy with a single melee attack.

JumpSpreading the diseaseSpreading the disease (10G) unlocked after being infected by a friend on the leaderboard while Jump (15G) popped up for rolling to avoid lethal fall damage.

In the Army Now
Rust in peace 
In the Army Now (5G) unlocked for reaching the military control with Rust in peace (15G) popping up for performing a headshot.

Wanted Dead or AliveGoodbye strangerGoodbye stranger (10G) unlocked for pushing an enemy over a railing and was soon followed by Wanted Dead or Alive (15G) for reloading the Revolver rapidly.

Land Down UnderIs there anybody there?Is there anybody there? (15G) unlocked after completing Randall's dream ans soon joined by Land Down Under (5G) which popped up after following Ratman to his den.

What You NeedThe session ended with What You Need (15G) which popped up for finding the first health expander.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Deadlight Begins

During a browse of my game collection, I noticed that having downloaded Deadlight as the monthly free game a while ago that i had still to play it ans went on for an hour long session that resulted in seven unlocks.

What's on your mindLay your hands on meLay your hands on me (10G) unlocked for surviving an close encounter with What's on your mind (25G) popping up for finding a page of Randall's journal.

Knockin' on Heaven's DoorI Ran (So Far Away)I Ran (So Far Away) (5G) unlocked for escaping the warehouse and was soon followed by Knockin' On Heaven's Door (10G) for tackling a door.

Go back to hellAnother one bites the dustAnother one bites the dust (10G) unlocked for performing a combo on an enemy and soon joined by Go back to hell (10G) for executing an enemy.

Welcome to the JungleThe session ended with the unlocking of Welcome to the Jungle (5G) for reaching the Junkyard.

Watch Dogs Treble Kill

Black Hat Trick in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)Another brief session on Watch Dogs a single but stunning unlock in the shape of Black Hat Trick (30G) for killing three enemies with a single IED.

Watch Dogs Hangs Up

Communication Fail in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)A brief session on Watch Dogs resulted in a single unlock in the shape of Communication Fail (10G) for preventing ten civilians calling to report me via a non-lethal takedown.

Watch Dogs Plays and Crashes

Power CycleHard CrashThe catch-up begins with Saturday's evening session on Watch Dogs which resulted in three unlocks beginning with Hard Crash (10G) for performing ten vehicle take downs with Power Cycle (10G) popping up for playing five different city games.

EnforcerEnforcer (15G) unlocked after taking down 20 criminals using the crime detection system.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dead Rising 3 Dresses Annie

Annie's WardrobePumpin' QuartersAnother evening session on Dead Rising 3 saw two unlocks beginning with Pumpin' Quarters (10G) for beating a previous score on the leaderboard while Annie's Wardrobe (20G) opened up after unlocking all of Annie's costumes.

Dead Rising 3 Combos And Cleans

Cleaning The CityC-C-ComboAn evening session on Dead Rising 3 resulted in two unlocks beginning with C-C-Combo (10G) for reaching a killstreak of 250 while Cleaning The City (20G) popped up for killing 10,000 zombies.


Friday, 20 June 2014

Dead Rising 3 Earns and Clears

Big MoneyPowerup SamplerAfter break from the Xbox One, I returned to Dead Rising 3 and resumed the new DLC with three unlocks beginning with Powerup Sampler (10G) for using all available powerups with Big Money (25G) popping up after earning a total of 100,000 Zenny.

The World WarriorThe session ended with the unlocking of The World Warrior (25G) for clearing all four districts though it popped up after doing three out of four and then doing one of those for a second time as I still have the fourth one to do in the future.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ilomilo Munches Apples

I Love Apples in ilomilo plus (Win 8)A quick gaming go on Ilomilo+ resulted in a single unlock in the shape of I Love Apples (10G) for eating all the apples in Apple Mayhem.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Angry Birds Space Spooks

Big SpookIn what is becoming my busiest week for a long time, another session on Angry Birds Space was the focus of the day with a single unlock of Big Spook (10G) for scaring six pigs with a single green bird.