Friday, 6 June 2014

Xbox One Takes Focus

Due to a huge Xbox One update, two free games and a number of apps became available so I decided to spend the day exploring the update and the new features which included time on a number of games.

Lcnce n Rgstrtn pls5 BusterFirstly I went on Need For Speed Rivals and scored two unlocks beginning with S Buster (35G) for busting a racer at Heat 5 or greater while Lcnce n Rgstrtn (30G) for busting ten racers using a Mustang.

Look Ma!Friend or FoeNext up was a session on Kinect Sports Rivals which included a minor hand injury which came while playing the Tennis as I swung with power and clipped the adjacent bookcase with my middle finger which at this point is still swollen. Two unlocks came from the session beginning with Friend or Foe (10G) for winning a rival challenge while Look ma! (20G) popped up after completing ten no-handed tricks in a single Wake Racing event.

Push the buttonDo you come here often?A brief stint on the YouTube app saw four unlocks but as its an app it meant no gamerscore but still counts in my set-up, Do you come here often came as I signed into the app with Push the button coming after liking a video.

Look Mom, I'm on TV!Please sir, may I have some more?Please sir, may I have some more? popped up after subscribing to a channel with Look Mum, I'm on TV! came after uploading a video through the Xbox One.

What Are You Looking At?Just getting startedThe first of the free games, Max:The Curse of Brotherhood had installed so I went on to check it out and after about 90 minutes play came away with a staggering 13 unlocks which started with just getting started (15G) for using the Magic Marker 25 times with What Are You Looking At? (5G) popping up after destroying the first five Mustacho Eyes.

Clever BoyLudicrous SpeedLudicrous Speed (50G) unlocked for reaching the Old Lady in five minutes which took some effort while Clever Boy (25G) popped up for using three drawings to cross the two pillars on Sea of Sand.

Hold on TightGuts and GloryGuts and Glory (25G) unlocked after surviving five critter explosions with Hold on Tight (25G) popping up for taming the Spikester.

DominosLost and FoundLost and Found (5G) unlocked after finding the first piece of the Amulet while Dominos (10G) popped up for safely crossing the Stone Pillars of Black Rock Canyon.

For Whom the Bell TollsHe is The OneHe is The One (10G) unlocked after completing a number of slow-motion events with For Whom the Bell Tolls (10G) ringing in after ringing the Big Bell.

Master of EarthFlipping boxesFlipping boxes (10G) unlocked for utilising a box to reacha high ledge which was swiftly followed by Master of Earth (15G) for creating 200 earth pillars.

Can't Touch This in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One)

The session and the day ended with Cant Touch This (25G) for completing a level without dying.