Friday, 13 June 2014

NBA/NHL 2K6 Create Record Day

Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player in NBA 2K6After a browse of my game list, I spotted NBA 2K6 had a single unlock remaining so had a quick go and came away with my 31st completed game after the unlocking of Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player (250G)

Score on a breakaway (Amateur)
I then spotted I had NHL 2K6 on my gaming and after some research noticed that I had never played it so went on and after about three hours of effort, I came away with my 32nd completion and second of the day after getting all five unlocks for 1000G beginning with Score on a breakaway (Amateur) (50G) for scoring on a breakaway on amateur difficulty.

Score goal with defenseman (Pro)Score in Under 1:00 (All-Star)Score in under 1.00 (All-Star) (350G) unlocked after scoring in the first minute of a game on all-star difficulty and was instantly joined by Score a goal with defenseman (Pro) (150G) for scoring a goal with a defenseman on pro difficulty.

Score on penalty shot (All-Star)Score goal when 2 men down (Pro)Score goal when 2 men down (Pro) (200G) unlocked after scoring a goal when two men down on pro difficulty with the final unlock coming in the shape of Score on penalty shot (All-Star) (250G) for scoring a penalty shot on all-star difficulty which took a long time but was worth it as it brought to an end a truly record breaking day.

It was the best ever day for TA points with a total of 1387 beating the previous record of 829 (19/8/2010) while also it was a best every day for gamerscore (G) with a total of 1250 beating the previous record of 800 (19/8/2010).

The records also meant that for the first time in my Xbox history of just under seven years, I won over 1000G in a single day which is huge for me when my yearly average is about 13,000 and speaking of thousands, the final milestone of the day was that the stunning amount of gamerscore pushed me over 95,000G putting me within 5000 of my all time goal of 100,000.