Thursday, 26 June 2014

Deadlight Exploring

Don't Lose Your HeadFlirtin with DisasterA long evening session on Deadlight saw a lot of exploring and as a result a lot of unlocks with a haul of 11 coming from the session. Flirtin with Disaster (10G) unlocked for tackling an enemy with Don't Lose Your Head (15G) popping up after killing an enemy with a single melee attack.

JumpSpreading the diseaseSpreading the disease (10G) unlocked after being infected by a friend on the leaderboard while Jump (15G) popped up for rolling to avoid lethal fall damage.

In the Army Now
Rust in peace 
In the Army Now (5G) unlocked for reaching the military control with Rust in peace (15G) popping up for performing a headshot.

Wanted Dead or AliveGoodbye strangerGoodbye stranger (10G) unlocked for pushing an enemy over a railing and was soon followed by Wanted Dead or Alive (15G) for reloading the Revolver rapidly.

Land Down UnderIs there anybody there?Is there anybody there? (15G) unlocked after completing Randall's dream ans soon joined by Land Down Under (5G) which popped up after following Ratman to his den.

What You NeedThe session ended with What You Need (15G) which popped up for finding the first health expander.