Monday, 28 December 2015

November Summary

After playing catch-up with the blog updates for November, here is the summary of the month as a whole...


The end of 2015 is just  a month away and after this month, just the annual achievement record is on the to-do list.

November saw a reasonable total of 131 achievements which continues the streak of 100+ in every month so far this year.

The biggest positive of month was reaching my all-time goal of 150,000 G (11th) which was coupled with just one completion in the form of Costume Quest 2 (X360).

In terms of numbers, November had a spread of 79 on Xbox One and a decent total of 52 on the Xbox 360/Windows platforms.

The other totals saw a haul of 4336 G split at 2739 (X1) and 1897 (X360/Win) coupled with 6317 TA split at 3262 (X1) and 3055 (X360/Win).

Lego Jurassic World Dominates November Finale

This post focuses on the final week of November from the 23rd-30th with the monthly summary to follow in the next post.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection achievementsThe 23rd saw Halo-The Master Chief Collection continue from the previous day with two further achievements for a total of 20 G.

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series achievements

The following day saw the return of Minecraft-Story Mode with Episode 2 being the focus with the outcome of six achievements for a nice haul of 200 G. The next episode came into play the following day with five achievements unlocked for 135 G. The third episode was completed on the 26th with the last two achievements unlocked for 65 G.

LEGO Jurassic World achievements

The 27th saw Lego Jurassic World return with a long session across the story mode and hub worlds resulting in eight achievements for a reasonable 130 G.  The session continued into the next day resulting in a further two achievements for 40 G. Another two unlocks came the following day for just 30G as the game began to dominate the week.

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox 360) achievementsThe month ended with the debut of the Xbox 360 version of Frozen Freefall - Snowball Fight which saw four achievements unlocked for a total of 220 G.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

150,000G Reached In A Bumper Cross-Platform Fortnight

After the initial test of a weekly summary, a neglect in blogging began but with the end of 2015 just a few days away, I need to be up to date going into the new year starting with the remaining weeks of November. This post covers the period of the 8th-22nd November finishing with the two year anniversary statistics for the Xbox One.

Zoo Tycoon achievementsSpectra achievementsNovember 8 saw a session split between two games on the Xbox One in the form of Spectra and Zoo Tycoon with a total of three achievements and 45G split in favour of Spectra. 

EA SPORTS Active 2 achievements Costume Quest 2 (Xbox 360) achievementsA World of Keflings (Win 8) achievementsJames Cameron's Avatar achievements

The ninth saw a huge effort in the Achievement Chase with four games featuring - Avatar, EA Active 2, A World of Keflings (Win 8) and Costume Quest 2 which was a completion. The quartet combined for a huge total of 24 achievement and a massive haul of 1,167G.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievementsA shorter session followed on the 10th as GTA-San Andreas took centre stage with five achievements for 120G. The pursuit of reaching 150,000 G was within reach with just 185 G left to claim.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievements
Vancouver 2010 achievementsHalo: The Master Chief Collection achievements

November 11 is written as Armistice Day and in this context also as the day when I reached my all-time goal of 150,000 G.The plan had been to do a perfect split of 100,000 G on the X360/Windows platforms and 50,000 G on the Xbox One but a date stamped unlock meant a slight difference of 10 G overall. On the Xbox One was a Halo-The Master Chief Collection and on the '360- GTA-San Andreas and Vancouver 2010 with the latter being the historic game used for the milestone.  The trio of games combined for five achievements and 185 G.

Feeding Frenzy achievements      
 The 12th saw a début for backward compatible Xbox 360 game Feeding Frenzy which saw a reasonable three achievements for 30G. The following day saw Feeding Frenzy continue but with only two achievements for 40 G.

Gems of War achievementsThe 14th saw a tiny bit of play time as Gems of War was started on the Xbox One with just a single achievement being unlocked for just 5 G. The session continued into the next day with three further achievements unlocked for 45 G and the next day was the only game played for one more achievement for 50 G.

Q achievementsAfter débuting earlier in the month, Xbox One Indie game Q had a lengthy play session on the 17th with a total of 11 achievements unlocked for a very low 60 G but given the game's total is 99 achievements for 1000G, it was a small drop in the Q ocean.

Hexic HD achievementsJoy Ride Turbo achievementsNovember 18th saw two backward compatible '360 titles combine as Hexic and Joyride Turbo resulted in a total of seven achievements for 90 G.

Golden Axe achievementsAnother backward compatible from the Xbox 360 was given a début in the form of retro classic title Golden Axe which in a session of about an hour resulted in three achievements for 55 G.

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series achievementsA new game came on the Xbox One as Minecraft -Story Mode received it's first play which saw four achievements for a total of 95 G

LEGO Jurassic World achievementsMinecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series achievementsThe following day saw the Minecraft-Story Mode session continue with a début for Lego Jurassic World also on the Xbox One coming later in the day, the two combined for four achievements and 125 G.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection achievementsNovember 22 marked two years since the launch of the Xbox One so it was apt that Xbox One title Halo-The Master Chief Collection was played on which saw two achievements for 15 G. However for the Xbox One itself, my statistics across the two years make for good reading with a total of 2172 achievements, 90,033 TA points and a huge haul of 50,405 G.