Monday, 28 December 2015

November Summary

After playing catch-up with the blog updates for November, here is the summary of the month as a whole...


The end of 2015 is just  a month away and after this month, just the annual achievement record is on the to-do list.

November saw a reasonable total of 131 achievements which continues the streak of 100+ in every month so far this year.

The biggest positive of month was reaching my all-time goal of 150,000 G (11th) which was coupled with just one completion in the form of Costume Quest 2 (X360).

In terms of numbers, November had a spread of 79 on Xbox One and a decent total of 52 on the Xbox 360/Windows platforms.

The other totals saw a haul of 4336 G split at 2739 (X1) and 1897 (X360/Win) coupled with 6317 TA split at 3262 (X1) and 3055 (X360/Win).