Sunday, 31 January 2016

December/2015 Summaries

After finally getting around to catching up my posts left over from the end of November, the chance to do weekly summaries for December would make them out of date so I'll do the December summary coupled with the overall stats for 2015 before catching up on January itself.


The final month of end of 2015 saw the run of 100+ unlocks per month continue which meant that I had reached a full year of centurion months. The month saw a total of 108 unlocks with a wide split of 89/19 across the platforms.

The other totals saw a haul of 5543 TA with a 4710/833 divide while the gamerscore saw a total of 3165 G with a split of 2785/380.

The final three gaming goals which were within reach for the year were all successful with the goal of  beating 2014's unlock total completed on the 24th. Followed by the achieving on 150 different games goal came on the 27th and the 2-year achievement streak/730 days on the 28th.

Two completions came in the month with Lego Jurassic World (X1) on the 18th followed by Stick It To The Man (X1) on the final day of the year.


The year itself surpassed all records from the previous one to take the title of 'Best Ever Gaming Year' with the primary trio of records coming in the form of 1688 achievements (prev. 1652), 74,954 TA points (prev. 51,932) and 39,743 G (prev. 32,047).

Due to being the best year overall, 2014 featured a total of 35 milestones including...
  • Completed games- 45 (Mar), 50 (Jun) and 55 (Oct)
  • Achievements won- 6,250 (Jan), 6,500 (Mar), 6,750 (Jun), 7,000 (Jul), 7,250 (Sep), 7,500 (Oct) and 7,750 (Dec)
  • TA score- 170,000, 175,000 (Jan), 180,000 (Feb),185,000 (Mar), 190,000,195,000 (Apr), 200,000 (May), 210,000 (Jul) 220,000 (Aug), 230,000 (Oct) and 240,000 (Dec).
  • Gamerscore- 115,000 (Jan), 120,000 (Mar), 125,000 (Apr), 130,000 (May), 135,000 (Jul),  140,000 (Sep), 145,000 (Oct) and 150,000 (Nov).
So overall a great 20145 with plans and goals already in place to try and equal the success in 2016.