Sunday, 31 August 2014

FIFA Street Shows Stylish Skills

Mister Entertainment in FIFA StreetAn afternoon/evening session on FIFA Street ended with a single unlock but a planned on in the form of Mister Entertainment (25G) for earning 100,000 skill point with my created player.

This means I am just 155G from reaching my all-time gaming goal of 100,000G which will if all goes right come at the same time that I reach 10,000G on the Xbox One and 90,000G on the combination of the Xbox 360/Windows 8 platforms.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

FIFA Street Claims Success

European Champion in FIFA StreetAn afternoon session on FIFA Street ended with just a single unlock in the form of European Champion (50G) for winning stage 3 of the World Tour but laid the foundations for future unlocks.

Rugby League Live Sets New TA Record

An afternoon session on Rugby League Live resulted in five unlocks but more importantly meant that 2014 would be the best ever year for TA point accumulation as the previous record of 25,593 set in 2010 tumbled with this year's current total of 26,020.

Premiership WinnerMinor PremierMinor Premier (50G) unlocked for sealing the League Leader Shield which was soon followed by Premiership Winner (100G) for winning the Grand Final.

Top GunTry MachineTry Machine (50G) unlocked for having the league's top try scorer which was accompanied by Top Gun (50G) for having the league's top points scorer.

Golden Point
The session ended with Golden Point (10G) for winning a game by a field goal in golden point overtime. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Powerstar Golf Earns While Away

Sleeping Giant in Powerstar GolfA quick session on Powerstar Golf resulted in a solitary unlock that puts my Xbox One total at 9980G so the next achievement on the console will come when the 100,000G is within reach but the achivement of the day came in the form of Sleeping Giant (20G) for earning XP while away from the game.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Crimson Dragon Story Complete

Death from AboveA day to remember for TA points and I accrued a huge 639 which puts the day at ninth in my best days for TA which came from five unlocks on Crimson Dragon which began with Death from Above (25G) for defeating three enemy bosses.
Act of Valor 
Data HarvesterData Harvester (35G)unlocked for collecting 500 beacons followed by Act of Valor (50G) for completing all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins and Lava Lake.

Draco Delta-731Act of TruthAct of Truth (50G) unlocked for completing all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty with the night ending with Draco-Delta-731 (100G) for completing all story missions on Classic difficulty. 

Rayman Origins Continues as Zuma's Revenge Enters

Nothing Lasts Forever… in Rayman OriginsThe previous evening's session on Rayman Legends spilled over into the next day meaning that the final story unlock of Nothing Lasts Forever... (80G) unlocked after the Livid Boss was eradicated.

Thread the NeedleSpiritual AwakeningAfter coming off Rayman Legends, I spotted an unused game on my Xbox 360 Arcade list in the form of Zuma's Revenge and during an early morning session due to not feeling tired, I came away with 16 unlocks out of a possible 20. The haul of achievements began with Spiritual Awakening (20G) for discovering the Spirit Monkey followed by Thread the Needle (10G) for making a match but shooting a ball through a gap.

Jaw BreakerPower PlayerPower Player (10G) unlocked after building a score multiplier of five with Jaw Breaker (30G) popping up for defeating the Gluttonous Kahtiki Khan.

C-C-C-Chain Bonus!Hoarder 
C-C-C-Chain Bonus! (10G) unlocked after shooting 15 balls and making 15 matches in a row which was soon followed by Hoarder (10G) for earning all three Spirit Badges on at least 10 levels.

Tiki TramplerOne with NatureAs the levels stacked up, One with Nature (20G) unlocked for fully levelling up the first Spirit Animal and the next boss fight led to Tiki Trampler (30G) for defeating Maga Maga and his Tiki Minions.

Frog StatueBone PickerBone Picker (30G) unlocked after another successful boss fight in defeating Baron Digo and his Skeleton Crew with the next level resulting in the popping up of Frog Statue (10G) for beating a lilly pad level without switching pads.

Nature’s FriendPestilence PacifierPestilence Pacifier (30G) unlocked for defeating Kolo Kamari and his Swarm of Bugs which resulted in Nature's Friend (20G) popping up for fully levelling up two Spirit Animals.

You Win!Cephalopod SmasherCephalopod Smasher (30G) unlocked after defeating Cephelo Ka and his Inky-Ink Attack which saw a comedic achievement pop up in the form of You Win! (0G) as a trick fake ending to the story.

Frozen FrogTime for Tadpoles!The true final boss unlock came in the shape of Time for Tadpoles! (50G) for defeating Zhaka Mu and discovering the secret of the island followed by the session ending unlock in Frozen Frog (10G) for beating a regular rail level without moving the frog. 

Rayman Origins Dashes And Explores

Dr. Lividstone, I presume?Electoon FriendA long afternoon session on Rayman Legends resulted in four unlocks which began with Electoon Friend (15G) for completing 10 Medallions which was swiftly followed by Dr. Lividstone, I presume? (80G) for finding all of the hidden cages.

The Jaw!Speedy!In pursuit of 200 electoons to unlock the story finale, I did some speed runs and eventually unlocked Speedy! (15G) for earning five speed trophies with The Jaw! (80G) chomping in for earning all 10 Skull Teeth.

Rayman Origins And Legends

Master of the locksOn the way to the top!An afternoon on a duo of Rayman games saw both old and new with Rayman Legends and Rayman Legends with the latter featuring three unlocks starting with On the way to the top! (20G) unlocked after winning a Silver cup at the end of a challenge followed by Master of the locks (30G) for breaking all off the locks on the paintings.

Full Mouth in Rayman OriginsOld schoolThe session ended with the unlocking of Old school (30G) for finishing all the "Back to Origins" paintings which was a good link to move on to Rayman Origins which saw a single unlock in the shape of Full Mouth (35G) for earning five skull teeth.