Friday, 22 August 2014

Crimson Dragon Quintet Match Gamerscore Record

After a busy week, finally I can catch up on the Xbox blogs and the first comes from August 12th which saw the 2013 gamerscore haul matched inside nine months as I reached a total of 98280 this came during a session on Crimson Dragon which featured five unlocks.

Crimson SkiesAct of HonorAct of Honor (50G) unlocked after completing all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West and Underground Lake on any difficulty and was instantly followed by Crimson Skies (45G) for killing 2000 enemy creatures.

Skilled SeekerNot Bad, RookieNot Bad, Rookie (10G) unlocked after switching to Classic and earning a mission medal which resulted in the popping up of Skilled Seeker (10G) for scoring an 'A' rank during a mission on Classic. 

Dragon Master
The session ended with Dragon Master (35G) which unlocked after purchasing 3 dragons from the in-game shop.