Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dead Island Riptide Joins With Crimson Dragon

Ampoule AddictSurvival of the FittestA fairly long session on Crimson Dragon started the day with the result being a three unlock haul which began with Survival of the Fittest (20G) for evolving the first dragon with Ampoule Addict (25G) popping up after using 10 Ampoules.

Magic Missiles in Crimson DragonThe Storm in Dead Island RiptideThe session ended with the unlocking of Magic Missiles (35G) for firing a total of 3000 tracking missiles and later on in the day, I added a new game to my list as I finally gave a debut to Dead Island Riptide and after a quick stint, came away with a solitary unlock in the form of  The Storm (15G) after escaping the ship.