Sunday, 3 August 2014

Motocross Madness Drifts in

Welcome to the clubTraining WheelsA new month means a new set of Games With Gold downloads and the first Xbox 360 freebie came in the shape of Motocross Madness which after an hour of play saw seven unlocks beginning with Training Wheels (5G) for completing the tutorial. Welcome to the club (10G) popped up for finishing the first club task.

Rad Racer
Absolutely FabulousAbsolutely Fabulous (15G) unlocked after completing three Avatar Famestar weekly challenges and was soon followed by Rad Racer (10G) for winning the first gold medal.

Rebel Without a CauseYou did it!You did it! (5G) unlocked after reaching skill level two and was instantly joined by Rebel Without a Cause (5G) which popped up after purchasing a new bike.

Mechanical ProwessThe session ended with the unlocking of Mechanical Prowess (10G) for purchasing an upgrade for a bike.