Friday, 8 August 2014

Crimson Dragon Combines With Fixed Unlocks

August 7th will be a famous day in 2014 for My Xbox Achievement Adventure as yesterday saw the TA points haul of 2013 beaten inside eight months of 2014 as I reached a total of 23,016 which smashed past the target total of 22,765.

The day began with a session on Crimson Dragon which featured three unlocks beginning with Equipped for Battle (10G) for using an Ampoule during a mission and was soon followed by Focused Willpower (40G) for killing 200 enemies using the dragon's secondary skill.

Antibody Archivist (15G) unlocked after collecting 18 different antibodies from creatures on Draco. Later on while catching up on posts from previous days, I spotted that my TA points and gamerscore had randomly increased so after some investigation, I saw that the glitched unlocks from July had finally popped up.

New Age Gamer in VoiceStudioEverywhere! in Rayman Legends (Xbox One)The two unlocks were Everywhere (10G) for taking part in all the challenges on the Xbox One version of Rayman Legends and New Age Gamer (5G) for uploading 20 phrases from Xbox One games on Voice Studio.