Saturday, 31 May 2014

4 Elements II Ignites

Ball of Fire in 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8)A busy day of sorting meant only a short time for gaming so I decided to return to 4 Elements II which resulted in a single unlock in the shape of Ball of Fire (5G) for using Magic Fire 40 times.

Microsoft Taptiles Collects Stars

Astro LogicalForced PerspectiveA quick go on Windows 8 saw a return to Microsoft Taptiles which resulted in two unlocks beginning with Forced Perspective (10G) for completing an Origins pack without rotating which was instantly followed by Astro Logical (10G) for earning 24 stars in Origins mode.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

4 Elements II Solves

Puzzle out in 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8)A busy day meant only a little time to continue the achievement streak resulting in a go on 4 Elements II and the solitary unlock of Puzzle out (10G) for solving 20 puzzles.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Watch Dogs Takes Down

Hello World in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)After numerous delays in the last 12 months, finally Watch Dogs launched yesterday and after about an hour's play, it is is a very clever and impressive game which for me saw the opening unlock of Hello World (15G) for taking down Maurice.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

4 Elements II Brings Up 500th Post

I am stunned that already I have reached 500 posts on this blog as it seems not so long ago that I first devised the Idea but all the same I am delighted that my audience has stuck with me for so long.

Strive for More in 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8)4 Elements II features today with a single unlock in the shape of Strive for More (5G) for making a chain of 15 or more chips. Of course had I known that May 26 was to be the 500th post, I may have created a special achievement day but with falling behind in writing it was not to be so such an idea can be saved for the 750th post whenever that may be.

Dead Rising 3 Double DLC Day

Out With The BadFit to Lead in Dead Rising 3Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising DLC ended with the unlocking of Fit to Lead (10G) for completing Chaos Rising and then up next was the beginning of the final DLC, The Last Agent with the first unlock being Out With The Bad (10G) for defeating all Bikers.

Bag of ChipsSworn to ProtectSworn to Protect (10G) unlocked for rescuing all of the Survivors and was swiftly followed by Bag of Chips (10G) for collecting all ZDC chips.

Bootleg OperatorHacking the HackerHacking the Hacker (10G) unlocked for finding Nelson and while exploring with him, Bootleg Operator (10Gg) popped up for collecting all Bootleg Zombrex. 

SourcedAshes to AshesAshes to Ashes (10G) unlocked for burning all Biohazards with Sourced (10G) following after finding the source of the military signal and fighting off Spec Ops.

Agent of Justice
Kane's Last WordsKane's Last Words (10G) unlocked for collecting all of the evidence with the session and DLC episode ending with Agent of Justice (10G) popping up for completing The Last Agent and in doing so put me on 85/88 achievements on the game itself. 

Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising Resumes

Stick it to the ManHunter and the HuntedAfter a break, Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising resumes with four unlocks beginning with Hunter and the Hunted (10G) for defeating all of the Captains with Stick it to the Man (10G) popping up after destroying all of the Emergency Phones.

4 Elements II Begins

Each Second MattersCarte BlancheThe weekly Red Stripe Sale saw 4 Elements II come up at £1.29 and was an opportunity not to miss so purchased and downloaded before a quick play that resulted in two unlocks starting with Carte Blanche (10G) for restoring a card without the use of a power-up with Each Second Matters (5G) popping up after collecting 15 chains in 30 seconds.

Dead Rising 3 Kills And Builds

Add to The Collection
Left 100,004 Dead in Dead Rising 3Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising continued but the day's first unlock came in the shape of Left 100,004 Dead (30G) for killing a total of 100,004 zombies across all modes with Add to The Collection (10G) popping up after collecting all of the Custom Motorcycles for Torque.

Builder's ApprenticeThe session ended with the unlocking of Builder's Apprentice (10G) for helping Torque build a special bike.



Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising Begins

Throwing Down the GauntletFly the CoopThe next Dead Rising 3 DLC episode was Chaos Rising which began with two unlocks on the first night starting with Fly the Coop (10G) for escaping the Los Perdidos Police Department followed by Throwing Down the Gauntlet (10G) for surviving Spider's trial.

Dead Rising Fallen Angel Complete

Burn Baby BurnNo Peeking!After completing the story of Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel, I went on to clear up the remaining unlocks which began with No Peeking! (10G) for destroying all ZDC cameras with Burn Baby Burn (10G) popping up after burning all Propaganda Posters.
Guardian Angel
Med TechMed Tech (10G) unlocked after collecting all Medical Supplies and swiftly followed by Guardian Angel (10G) for rescuing all Survivors to complete the DLC.