Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crash Course Go Runs On

A good hour on Crash Course Go saw six unlocks across the entirety of the game's levels and reach nine out of thirteen achievements. The first unlock was Euro Star (15G) for finishing the European levels while London Bridge (15G) popped up for surviving the collapsing bridge in London 5.

Hopscotch (15G) unlocked for jumping between trampolines 12 times consecutively swiftly followed by I'm Big in Japan (20G) for completing the Japanese levels.

Tarzan (15G) unlocked for swinging between ropes 10 times in a row and lastly That's Gotta Hurt (10G) popped up for getting smashed by three hammers in a row.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Monster Island and Crash Course Go Land On Windows 8

Another free game in the shape of Monster Island and five unlocks this morning beginning with Curiosity Killed Monsters (10G) after starting the game with 750 coins and spending the on a new monster. Like a Boss (10G)n unlocked for completing a level with three stars.

No Clue (10G) popped up for seeing a levels solution while In Your Face (10G) unlocked for hitting a monster in the head.

 Lastly Chill Down (10G) swept in killing an enraged monster so 50G and five achievements for as little as 10 minutes play. Next up was Crash Course Go and a quick unlock in Roadrunner (10G) for retrying a level and beating the previous score.

American Hero (10G) unlocked for completing all five USA levels while Hats off to You! (10G) popped up after getting launched through the Magic Hat in Vegas 5.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bioshock Infinite Powers On

A late night and early morning's work on Bioshock Infinite saw a massive haul of ten unlocks across the story which began with David and Goliath (10G) for killing 20 'Heavy Hitter' enemies while Tear 'em a New One (25G) for opening 30 Tears.

Armed Revolt (10G) unlocked for assisting the Gunsmith - Chen Lin and was swiftly followed by Raising The Bar (10G) for upgrading an attribute to the maximum level which I did with the Health infusion.

Working Class Hero (25G) unlocked for completing the Factory phase of the story and Hazard Pay (25G) popped up for utilising environmental hazards to kill ten enemies.

Seasoned to Taste (5G) unlocked for killing 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun while Well Rounded (10G) popped up for using all eight vigors against enemies.

The Roguish Type (25G) unlocked for using Elizabeth to perform 30 successful lock picks and the final success for the night was Combination Shock (50G) which popped up for performing all eight vigor combinations and sealed the 10th unlock of the day and a total of 195G with the milestone of 70,000G reached.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Windows 8 Free Games Added as Bioshock Infinite Burns On

More Windows 8 games have been added to my collection due to a deal where they are free for the week so i started with Shuffle Party and scored an early unlock in X marks the spot (10G) for hitting a strike in bowling while Gobble Gobble (25G) popped up for hitting three consecutive strikes in Bowling.

Payday (10G) unlocked for buying an item in the Pro Shop and Roadhouse Billy (10G) popped up for scoring five or more in a Shuffle-board round.

Hanger (10G) unlocked for scoring a 'Hanger' in Shuffle-board while Challenger (10G) popped up for completing a challenge with three gold stars.

Next was I-Stunt 2 and a single unlock in the shape of Graduation (5G) for completing the tutorial level. A quick go on Bioshock Infinite saw Master of Pyrotechnics (5G) unlock for killling 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bioshock Infinite Displays Vigors

Continuing on Bioshock Infinite and after some real battling effort including rescuing Elizabeth from the tower and exploring the Hall of Heroes, I unlocked Shock Tactics (10G) for retrieving Shock Jockey and was swiftly followed by Vigorous Opposition (50G) for killing 75 enemies with a vigor or while under the effects of a vigor.

First Class Ticket (10G) unlocked for successfully boarding the First Lady Airship while Coins in a Cushion (10G) popped up for looting 200 containers.

Not too bad for a couple of hours work and already beaten the accolades from a poor March.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Adera Episode 4 Hits A Snag As Bejeweled Hits Windows 8

Usually a new episode of Adera means the re-completion of the game but due to a glitch only five of the six achievements have been unlocked leaving the game open.

The episode began with the unlocking of The Tower (20G) for finding the way inside Amaro's Tower and soon after Bookworm (15G) popped up for going inside Amaro's hidden library.

Invisible Reader (15G) unlocked for revealing the contents of the secret note found within the library and We Have Liftoff (30G) popped up for successfully building Amaro's flying machine and completing the story side of the episode.

Next was to attempt the missed achievements with the first soon unlocking successfully, Master Cartographer (10G) for finding all the landmarks through the observatory telescope inside two minutes but despite several successful attempts, Master Astronomer just would not unlock so it its glitched for now and leaves the game incomplete and means I stay on 20 completed games.

SuperstarFriendly Fire
Bejeweled downloaded for Windows 8 and within an hour's play I score eight unlocks beginning with Friendly Fire (5G) for igniting a Flame gem while Superstar (35G) popped up for matching six gems in one row.
Master Blaster
Diamond MinerMaster Blaster (5G) unlocked for destroying fifty gems in a single move and Diamond Miner (15G) popped up for digging to 200m in Diamond Mine.

Butterfly GuardianButterfly BonanzaButterfly Bonanza (5G) unlocked for collecting five butterflies at once while Butterfly Guardian (10G) popped up for saving 70 butterflies in a single game.
Butterfly Monarch
Chroma-CollectorButterfly Monarch (10G) unlocked for reaching a score of 250,000 on Butterfly mode and Chroma-Collector (10G) popped up for using all 20 colours.

Thirteen achievements for a total of 185G is amazing for one day as it is close to the total for the entire of March.