Monday, 31 March 2014

Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare Levels Up

I returned to the Xbox One and on Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare and had a lot of good games across the day resulting in three unlocks which began with Most Valuable Vanquisher (50G) for earning a Vanquish Master boast once with Making Popcorn (10G) popping up for vanquishing ten players with the Drone Corn strike while playing as a Cactus.

Crazy Dave Squad (25G) unlocked for reaching level five with every plant class and ended the night.

FIFA 14 Kicks Onto Windows 8

By sheer luck I spotted that FIFA 14 newly released on Windows 8 for free so snapped it up straight away and glad I did as a three hour session saw 19 unlocks meaning I was only one short of completion but the final one will take a lot of time to accomplish.

One on OneHat TrickHat Trick (10G) began the haul, unlocking after scoring three goals in a match with the same player while One on One (5G) popped up for scoring after going one on one with the goalkeeper.

Woodwork & In! 
A Handful Of GoalsWoodwork & In (10G) unlocked for scoring off the post or crossbar in a match with  A Handful of Goals (15G) popping up for scoring five goals in a match with the same player .

First StepAerial ThreatAerial Threat (5G) unlocked for scoring a header from a cross while First Step (5G) popped up for winning my first match.

Clean sheetWin the derby 
Win the derby (10G) unlocked for winning a match between two rival teams and in doing so up popped Clean sheet (10G) for finishing a match without conceding a goal.

Attacking RageFairplayFairplay (10G) unlocked for receiving no yellow or red cards during a match with Attacking Rage (15G) popping up for winning game with 10+ shots on goal and 70% shot accuracy.

Double HeroA Job Well DoneA Job Well  Done (10G) unlocked for winning by scoring with all possible starting attackers with Double Hero (15G) popping up for winning a penalty shootout by having my keeper score and save a spot kick. 

Natural born talentNatural born talentNatural born talent (20G) unlocked after scoring with the goalkeeper in open play with Playmaker (5G) popping up for scoring after receiving a decisive pass from a midfielder.

Shot stopperGetting Out ThereGetting Out There (10G) unlocked for winning a match with teams from three different leagues while Shot stopper (10G) popped up for winning a penalty shootout without conceding any goals.

Feather touchAce from the Spot
Ace from the Spot (10G) unlocked for winning the penalty shootout without missing any shots with Feather touch (10G) popping up for having no fouls awarded against my team in a match.

SniperThe session ended with Sniper (5G) for scoring from an offensive free kick.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Plants V Zombies Quick Hits

A busy day saw time only for a quick play on Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare and the solitary unlock of Striking First (25G) for earning a 1st Strike Master boast three times.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Angry Birds Meets Plants v Zombies

Name Popper in Angry Birds Space (Win 8)A cut priced deal on Angry Birds Space saw me download it and test it out even getting a quick unlock in the shape of Name Popper (10G) for poppng all of the name bubbles in the credits.

Later on, I went on PvZ Garden Warfare and continued my good run of unlocks with two more beginning with Consume This Too (20G) for using ten Skip Challenge Star consumables while Offensive Line (15G) popped up for vanquishing five players using the Sprint Tackle in a session using the All-Star.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ilomilo+ Joins Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare

Anyone For Tea?One Of EachIlomilo+ began the day with three unlocks and it is an interesting game, one i would recommend with the first unlock of the day being One of Each (5G) for collecting one safka of each colour with Anyone for Tea (10G) popping up for reaching chapter two.

The Student in ilomilo plus (Win 8)The Student (5G) unlocked for completing the tutorial and later on I went onto PvZ Garden Warfare with more online success in three unlocks starting with Sun Heals (15G) for healing team-mates 25 times in a session as a Sunflower.

Garden Normal (15G) unlocked after completing a Garden Ops match on Normal difficulty with the night ending with the unlocking of The Healing Touch (25G) for earning a heal master boast three times.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ilomilo! Enters on Windows 8

Meet Up in ilomilo plus (Win 8)After a packed day, I needed a quick achievement to continue my achievement streak and spotted Ilomilo+ on Windows 8 for just over a pound so snapped it up and got a quick unlock in the shape of Meet Up (5G) for completing a level.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Puzzle Nikoli X Sudoku Brings up 90,000G

Master of the SHUFFLERead all the HELPA new game but a quick one as Puzzle by Nikoli X Sudoku released on Windows 8 with the luxury of getting unlocks on the trial version so I did just that and it was an easy completion becoming my 28th official completion and it began with Read all the Help (20G) for reading all of the help section with Master of the Shuffle (40G) popping up for clearing five consecutive puzzles on Shuffle.

Played for more than 1 hoursCleared 10 puzzlesCleared 10 Puzzles (50G) unlocked for finishing ten puzzles with Played for more then 1 hour (30G) popping up for exceeding an hour of play time.

Cleared 20 puzzlesThe session ended with Cleared 20 Puzzles (60G) for completing all 20 puzzles and in doing so this game put me over 90,000G meaning I am within 10,000 of my long awaited target of 100,000.