Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rayman Fiesta Run Begins In Style

Splash !First stepsAs I was browsing the Windows store, I spotted a new game in the shape of Rayman Fiesta Run which I enjoyed on my iPhone so the chance to gain achievements was an opportunity I jumped at given a low price of £2.19. An two hour session split at either end of the day saw a total of eight unlocks. This began with First Steps (5G) for running 100m with Splash (5G) popping up for finishing the level 'Splash and Bounce'.

LifeguardStarterStarter (5G) unlocked for collecting 100 Lums while Lifeguard (5G) popped up for saving ten Teensies.

DragonBabyDessertDessert (5G) unlocked for collecting 1000 Lums with Dragonbaby (5G) popping up for finishing the level 'Flying Fish Tails'.

Mecha Carnivora boss
GentlemanGentleman (5G) unlocked for freeing 50 Teensies and the night ended with Mecha Carnivora boss (5G) popped up for finishing the level 'Run of Burn'.