Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Puzzle Nikoli X Sudoku Brings up 90,000G

Master of the SHUFFLERead all the HELPA new game but a quick one as Puzzle by Nikoli X Sudoku released on Windows 8 with the luxury of getting unlocks on the trial version so I did just that and it was an easy completion becoming my 28th official completion and it began with Read all the Help (20G) for reading all of the help section with Master of the Shuffle (40G) popping up for clearing five consecutive puzzles on Shuffle.

Played for more than 1 hoursCleared 10 puzzlesCleared 10 Puzzles (50G) unlocked for finishing ten puzzles with Played for more then 1 hour (30G) popping up for exceeding an hour of play time.

Cleared 20 puzzlesThe session ended with Cleared 20 Puzzles (60G) for completing all 20 puzzles and in doing so this game put me over 90,000G meaning I am within 10,000 of my long awaited target of 100,000.