Friday, 14 March 2014

Rabbids Continues As Keflings And South Park TSOT Begin

LooperLooperThe day began with the continuing of Rabbids Big Bang with some odd gamerscore coming from six unlocks which began with Looper (6G) for making ten laps around a planet while Window-shopping (3G) popped up for staying five minutes in the shop just browsing.

LooperLooperCowboy (3G) unlocked for hitting ten cows and brought my overall gamerscore back to the regular 5/0 ending but an accidental hit on
a mine led to Minesweeper (3G) unlocking and creating an odd score.

LooperLooper Flawless (14G) unlocked for flying ten minutes without failing with the session ending with Icarus (6G) for burning around the sun for ten seconds.

Start with a BangPest ControlLater on I went on A World of Keflings (Win8) as there are some odd gamerscores on it so it would help to return to the regular 5/0 ending. Pest Control (5G) unlocked for scaring away the Dragon while Start With a Bang (5G) popped up for activating a building by bouncing a Kefling through a cannon.

Made This for YouColors of the RainbowColours of the Rainbow (7G) unlocked after painting 20 buildings and put my gamerscore ending to a 5 as i went off to bed. Later in the day, I gave a debut to South Park -The Stick of Truth and scored a strange fists unlock in the shape of Made This for You (15G) for flinging a self created poo at an enemy in combat.