Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare Enters

Indistinguishable From Magic in Civilization RevolutionA long session on Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution saw only one unlock and the end of a long achievement run as the final two unlocks are based on luck and could take some time but the 47th/50 was Indistinguishable From Magic (45G) for winning a Technology victory on Deity difficulty.

CousinsGrow a Friend Later on I debuted Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare on the Xbox One and despite being solely a multiplayer game it is brilliant and I will enjoy playing it and the session saw ten unlock beginning with Grow a Friend (5G) for growing a plant pot with Cousins (15G) popping up for growing five plant pots in a session.

Super BossZombie Vanquished 
Super Boss (50G) unlocked for defeating a Super Boss in Garden Ops mode while Zombie Vanquished (5G) popped up for vanquishing any player as a Plant.

Getting Started
Plant VanquishedPlant Vanquished (5G) unlocked after vanquishing any player while playing as a Zombie followed by Getting Started (20G) for reaching player rank 5.

Garden WeederI'm LonelyI'm Lonely (5G) unlocked for summoning a Zombie in Gardens and Graveyards and was swiftly followed by Garden Weeder (15G) for capturing an objective in Gardens and Graveyards as a Zombie.

Zombie FriendsZombie Friends (15G) unlocked for summoning five Zombies in a session of Gardens and Graveyards while Plant Perfect (25G) popped up for achieving a perfect win in Gardens and Graveyards as a Plant.