Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sid Meier Civilization Revolution Takes Culture & Economics

Flower and SongI Will Not Be Triumphed OverAfter seeing a lot people on it after it was free on Games with Gold, I was inspired to return to SM Civilzation Revolution and I am glad I did with nine unlocks despite a lot of effort across the day and night. The day began with I Will Not Be Triumphed Over (15G) for winning as an Egyptian civilization while Flower and Song (15G) popped up for winning with an Aztec civilization.

A Revelation of ManA Short Life of GloryA Short Life of Glory (15G) unlocked for winning with a Greek civilization with A Revelation of Man (20G) popping up for winning a Cultural victory.

The Will to Win is EverythingDestroyer of WorldsDestroyer of Worlds (30G) unlocked after winning with all types of victory - Domination, Technology, Cultural and Economical while The Will to Win is Everything (25G) popped up for winning 20 battles with a single unit.

The Guy Who Signs the ChecksWe the PeopleWe The People (15G) unlocked for winning as an American civilization with The Guy Who Signs the Checks (30G) popped up for winning an Economic victory on at least King difficulty.

Playing the GameThe night ended with Playing the Game (45G) for winning a Domination victory on Deity difficulty.