Monday, 31 March 2014

FIFA 14 Kicks Onto Windows 8

By sheer luck I spotted that FIFA 14 newly released on Windows 8 for free so snapped it up straight away and glad I did as a three hour session saw 19 unlocks meaning I was only one short of completion but the final one will take a lot of time to accomplish.

One on OneHat TrickHat Trick (10G) began the haul, unlocking after scoring three goals in a match with the same player while One on One (5G) popped up for scoring after going one on one with the goalkeeper.

Woodwork & In! 
A Handful Of GoalsWoodwork & In (10G) unlocked for scoring off the post or crossbar in a match with  A Handful of Goals (15G) popping up for scoring five goals in a match with the same player .

First StepAerial ThreatAerial Threat (5G) unlocked for scoring a header from a cross while First Step (5G) popped up for winning my first match.

Clean sheetWin the derby 
Win the derby (10G) unlocked for winning a match between two rival teams and in doing so up popped Clean sheet (10G) for finishing a match without conceding a goal.

Attacking RageFairplayFairplay (10G) unlocked for receiving no yellow or red cards during a match with Attacking Rage (15G) popping up for winning game with 10+ shots on goal and 70% shot accuracy.

Double HeroA Job Well DoneA Job Well  Done (10G) unlocked for winning by scoring with all possible starting attackers with Double Hero (15G) popping up for winning a penalty shootout by having my keeper score and save a spot kick. 

Natural born talentNatural born talentNatural born talent (20G) unlocked after scoring with the goalkeeper in open play with Playmaker (5G) popping up for scoring after receiving a decisive pass from a midfielder.

Shot stopperGetting Out ThereGetting Out There (10G) unlocked for winning a match with teams from three different leagues while Shot stopper (10G) popped up for winning a penalty shootout without conceding any goals.

Feather touchAce from the Spot
Ace from the Spot (10G) unlocked for winning the penalty shootout without missing any shots with Feather touch (10G) popping up for having no fouls awarded against my team in a match.

SniperThe session ended with Sniper (5G) for scoring from an offensive free kick.