Monday, 26 November 2012

F1 Race Stars Goes Abroad As COD BO2 Continues

This week has seen no action on the achievement front due to working a six day week which always sees a turn-down in playing hours due to tiredness but I forgot to post the last unlocks from the previous week so here goes...

Abu Dhabi Expert (10G) unlocked for winning an event on the Abu Dhabi circuit on the 3,000cc difficulty and Causing Trouble (25G) popped up for hitting a fellow driver after being eliminated in an Elimination event with both unlocking on F1 Race Stars.

On Black Ops 2, Driven By Rage (20G) unlocked for taking down Menendez and ending his terrorist operation.

Monday, 19 November 2012

F1 Race Stars Trials Time While Angry Birds Star Wars Goes Jedi Style

I continued the career on F1 Race Stars and unlocked Scientific Method (10G) for using each power-up successfully and it was swiftly followed by Brazil Expert (10G) for winning an event in Brazil on the 3,000cc difficulty.

Qualifying Lap (10G) unlocked when I entered the time trial mode and successfully completed a time trial.

Onto Angry Birds Star Wars and two quick unlocks in Prominent Jedi (10G) for deflecting three lasers with a light saber and Jedi Initiate (10G) for smashing 50 blocks with a light saber.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

F1 Race Stars Goes Karting While COD BO2 And Wreckateer Shoot In

COD Black Ops continued with the solitary unlock of Shifting Sands (20G) for gathering information on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan. Wreckateer added to an expanding game list after being offered for free on the Marketplace for the XBL 10 year anniversary and unlocked Quick Study (5G) for earning a first medal on the game.

 Another new entry to the blog is F1 Race Stars which sees the 2012 drivers morph into avatars and swap their cars for karts in a new take on the famous circuits of the F1 calendar and across 24 hours saw 13 unlocks.

I started by playing the career mode and chose Vettel and his Red Bull to begin my trophy chase and claimed my first unlock. Slipstreamer (5G) for simply slipstreaming past a driver and in the same race up popped Whoops! (10G) for hitting myself with my own Ricochet Bubble which saw me finish in second place.

After the first two races, Career Is GO! (10G) unlocked for winning my first championship and in doing so up popped Taste Of Victory (5G) for my first race win.

Italy Expert (10G) unlocked for winning the Italian event on the 3,000cc difficulty and up popped Nailed The Jump (5G) for triggering a jump boost.

Pitmaster (10G) drove in for repairing my car at a pit-stop 10 times and in the same race, Slipstream Expert (25G) unlocked for slip streaming past 50 drivers which was quickly earned thanks to Vettel's Slipstream boost.

In the next two races, Singapore Expert (10G) and Australian Expert (10G) popped up for winning a Singapore and Australian event on the 3,000cc difficulty and Heavyweight (10G) unlocked for affecting three drivers with the same Pulse power-up.  

After the stint on the career, I went onto the online mode to test my skill and unlocked Internet Famous (25G) for my first online win which came on the German track and as such led to Germany Expert (10G) unlocking for winning in Germany on the 3,000cc difficulty.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nike+ Kinect Reaches Week 2 As Angry Birds Star Wars Lights Up

Week 2 of the program and a quick unlock in Perfection (25G) for perfecting every rep in a drill and on Angry Birds Star Wars, There's No-one Here (10G) unlocked as one Storm-trooper shot another. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Call Of Duty Black Ops II Fires In

Another new game in the shape of Call of Duty Black Ops II (COD BO2) and I started the campaign on the Hardened setting and scored a quick unlock in No Man Left Behind (20G) for rescuing Woods. Gathering Storm (20G) popped up next for exploring the Jungle facility.

Just Gettin' Started (10G) unlocked for completing a challenge in any level and became my 3400th achievement.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nike+ Kinect Training Continues

First week completed on Nike+ Kinect and Show and Tell (20G) unlocked for posting to Facebook before a workout session. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Halo 4 Travels To 2557

Another new game in Halo 4 and five unlocks within an hours play, the first Dawn (10G) popped up for completing mission 1 on any difficulty which was joined by Digging Up The Past (20G) for finding and accessing the Chief's record in mission 1.

Armorer (5G) unlocked for changing my Spartan's armor in the Spartan Armor card and PWND (5G) popped up for changing the Service Tag in the Spartan ID card and finally Badge (5G) unlocked for changing the Emblem in the Spartan ID card.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nike+ Kinect Resumes As Assasin's Creed 3 Hits The Sea

The second day of my four week program on Nike+ Kinect Training saw two quick unlocks in Metronome (15G) for staying in tempo for the entire duration of a Strength or Weight Training drill. A New Challenger Appears (15G) popped up for opting in for a challenge at the end of a Strength or Weight Training drill.

Another new game in Assassin's Creed 3 and the first unlock came in the shape of Rude Awakening (10G) for re-entering the Animus. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nike+ Kinect Training Continues

Today I started a four week program on Nike+ Kinect and in the space of 30 minutes I unlocked six achievements which began with Beat Your Best (20G) for beating my personal best on a drill. On Your Way (10G) unlocked for completing my first workout session.

2.5k NikeFuel (15G) popped up for reaching 2500 fuel on Nike+ and was soon joined by 5k NikeFuel (25G) for reaching 5000 fuel on Nike+.

 10k NikeFuel (30G) unlocked for reaching 10000 fuel on Nike+ and Check My Stats (10G) popped up for participating in a challenge.

Nightmare In North Point Completed

The final achievement on the Sleeping Dogs DLC was Cursed Gold (15G) for achieving all five gold awards of which killing 100 Jiang Shi and avoiding bites 100 times took a long time to do.

However, in completing the DLC the game itself is completed again until the next round of DLC and now is my 15th officially completed game which sparked a milestone on TA.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Nightmare In North Point Haunts Onto Sleeping Dogs

The first Sleeping Dogs story DLC released this week and has a Hallow'een based setting and as I have completed the story in full, I now move on to this DLC in order to unlock the extra five achievements which have been added to the game's original 50.

Hell Money (25G) unlocked for finding all 10 Money shrines and Pet Cemetery (15G) dug in for sending Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail all back to Hell.

Ghosts and Stuff (20G) unlocked for completing all secondary content on the DLC, I Can Haz Banishment (50G) popped up for banishing Smiley Cat in the final mission.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted Drifts In As Nike Kinect And DC3 Burn Calories

Another new game in NFS- Most Wanted and in the space of the opening hour's play, 10 achievements unlocked.

The first was Fix Me Up (5G) for using a body-shop for the first time and was swiftly followed First Strike (5G) for my first take down on a cop.

Battering Ram (10G) broke through for smashing a road block without crashing and soon joined by Gotcha (15G) for getting busted for the first time.
Switcheroo (10G) popped up for using a Jack spot  while being pursued by the cops and Beast From The East (30G) drove in for escaping the cops in the Marussia B2.

Moving On Up (10G) lifted in for moving up the Most Wanted list for the first time while Feeling The Need (5G) blitzed in for emptying a full can of nitrous without taking damage.

Pit Stop (10G) unlocked for repairing a burst tire in a bodyshop for the first time and the final unlock Alpha Dog (20G) came after shutting down Most Wanted member 10's car, Alpha Romeo 4C Concept.

Later on another new game, Nike+ Kinect Training which at the demo stage was a risky buy due to the mass amount of space needed for correct usage but I set it up in our living room and there was ample space thankfully.

Join The Community (10G) popped up for linking my Nike+ account and Say What? (10G) unlocked for replaying the tutorial for an exercise drill.

Dial It In (10G) unlocked for creating my first Fuel Print and instantly Personalised For You (10G) popped up for completing the assessment.

While using Kinect, I decided to continue my weekend use of Dance Central 3 and unlocked Weekend Warrior (20G) for playing for three consecutive weekends.