Sunday, 18 November 2012

F1 Race Stars Goes Karting While COD BO2 And Wreckateer Shoot In

COD Black Ops continued with the solitary unlock of Shifting Sands (20G) for gathering information on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan. Wreckateer added to an expanding game list after being offered for free on the Marketplace for the XBL 10 year anniversary and unlocked Quick Study (5G) for earning a first medal on the game.

 Another new entry to the blog is F1 Race Stars which sees the 2012 drivers morph into avatars and swap their cars for karts in a new take on the famous circuits of the F1 calendar and across 24 hours saw 13 unlocks.

I started by playing the career mode and chose Vettel and his Red Bull to begin my trophy chase and claimed my first unlock. Slipstreamer (5G) for simply slipstreaming past a driver and in the same race up popped Whoops! (10G) for hitting myself with my own Ricochet Bubble which saw me finish in second place.

After the first two races, Career Is GO! (10G) unlocked for winning my first championship and in doing so up popped Taste Of Victory (5G) for my first race win.

Italy Expert (10G) unlocked for winning the Italian event on the 3,000cc difficulty and up popped Nailed The Jump (5G) for triggering a jump boost.

Pitmaster (10G) drove in for repairing my car at a pit-stop 10 times and in the same race, Slipstream Expert (25G) unlocked for slip streaming past 50 drivers which was quickly earned thanks to Vettel's Slipstream boost.

In the next two races, Singapore Expert (10G) and Australian Expert (10G) popped up for winning a Singapore and Australian event on the 3,000cc difficulty and Heavyweight (10G) unlocked for affecting three drivers with the same Pulse power-up.  

After the stint on the career, I went onto the online mode to test my skill and unlocked Internet Famous (25G) for my first online win which came on the German track and as such led to Germany Expert (10G) unlocking for winning in Germany on the 3,000cc difficulty.