Sunday, 21 December 2014

Xbox Catch-up List Builds Momentum

After slipping behind on my goal of earning achievements on 200 different games across the year, December 12th saw the remaining total at around 50 games so I did a few stints on some random games.

One for allAll for oneFirst up was a co-op session with Tonyboykid on Need for Speed: The Run which saw two achievement starting with All for one (15G) unlocking after completing a group objective while One for all (50G) popped up after completing five group objectives.

Five Star RatingThese cars are Laud! Next up was a go on F1 2013 which also saw two achievements which began with These cars are Laud! (25G) for setting lap times at Brands Hatch and Jerez with the Ferrari 312 T2 with Five Star Rating (20G) following for setting clean lap times on five different circuits.

BLITZIN!WindmillThe afternoon saw a quick workout via Fruit Ninja Kinect which saw three achievements earned starting with Windmill (10G) for becoming a blur on screen via a combo with BLITZIN! (10G) popping up after scoring with a Combo Blitz.

Does Not ComputeWinning!The stint ended with the unlocking of Winning! (10G) after beating a friend on the weekly leaderboard. Next up was a quick go on Pool Nation which led to two achievements being earned starting with Does Not Compute (10G) after a first win against the AI in Versus.

Sand Trap VictorBack to the FutureBack to the Future (10G) soon popped up after using a Flashback and later on, I debuted Titanfall with the help of Tonyboykid which saw us gain two achievements starting with Sand Trap Victor (5G) for winning a match on Sand Trap.

Final noThe Bigger They AreThe Bigger They Are (30G) popped up after killing two Titans as a Pilot in a single match on Sandtrap and the day came to an end with the co-op session continuing onto Monopoly Deal which saw two achievements beginning with Final no (90G) for countering a 'Just Say No' card with a 'Just Say No' card.
Wild wild set
Business masterBusiness Master (200G) unlocked after using a 'Double The Rent' card on the full dark blue set of properties with a house and a hotel and the session continued into the next day which Wild wild set (80G) popping up for having a full set composed of 'Property Wildcards'.

I want those ones.SelectiveSelective (40G) unlocked after winning a game without having a 'Property Wildcard' in any full set and the game itself was completed with the popping up of I want those ones. (120G) for winning a game without playing any property cards.

 The day itself was the milestone 350th of my achievement win streak but another milestone came later on in the form of my 6000th non-app achievement as I earned seven in a session on Hitman Absolution.

Blood MoneyFirst ContractBlood Money (20G) unlocked after completing the Contract Basics Tutorial with First Contract (20G) popping up after completing the Creating Contracts Tutorial. 

Partners in CrimeCompetitive SpiritCompetitive Spirit (20G) unlocked after creating a contract competition and was soon followed by Partners in Crime (20G) for playing a contract made by a friend.

Thumbs UpThumbs UpSelf-improvement (20G) unlocked after purchasing a weapon upgrade and was followed by Thumbs Up (20G) for liking a contract.

Eureka!ContenderThe day ended with the unlocking of Contender (20G) for participating in a contract competition. December 14th saw a split session between Stick it To The Man and Kinect Sports Rivals. The former saw two achievements beginning with Eureka! (60G) for giving poor Ron the perfect idea for a date.

Food for ThoughtShooting ChampFood for Thought (60G) unlocked after reading the mind of an eaten fish and later on, I went on Kinect Sports Rivals for an online session with Tonyboykid which led to two achievements starting with Shooting Champ (20G) for winning a Target Shooting event over Xbox Live.

Bowling ChampThe day and the session ended with the popping up of Bowling Champ (20G) for winning a Bowling event over Xbox Live.

Lego Marvel Starts As FIFA 14 Resumes and Castle of Illusion Ends

Sand Central StationAfter leaving the 111,111 intact for the rest of December 9th, the next day saw the resuming of the next huge goal of 125,000. The game for the day was the debuting Lego Marvel Super Heroes which began with four achievements starting with Sand Central Station (20G) for completing the level of the same name.

This Is fantastic!Falling... with StyleFalling... with Style (20G) unlocked after completing the first Helicarrier skydive and was soon followed by This Is fantastic! (20G) for turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot for the first time.

Exploratory Laboratory in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)Times Square OffTimes Square Off (20G) unlocked for completing the level of the same name and ended the day.  The day may have ended but the session continued into the next day which saw one further achievement on the game in the form of Exploratory Laboratory (20G) for completing the level of the same name.

Best Friends ForeverBeast ModeLater in the day, I went on FIFA 14 on the Xbox 360 and did some co-op online with Tonyboykid which resulted in two achievements beginning with Beast Mode (10G) for straight arming a defender to protect the ball followed by Best Friends Forever (30G) for finishing a season in Online Friendlies.

Money BagsThe day ended with a brief stint on Castle of Illusion which needed one final unlock for completion and after some replaying of levels led to the earning of the final achievement, Money Bags (40G) for finding all of the Magic Diamonds. The completion was a special one as it was my 40th overall.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

111,111 Arrives with 11 from Monopoly and Halo

After reaching my all-time goal of 100,000 on August 31st, the next plan was to reach the popular quirk of 111,111 which successfully arrived on December 9th after a split session between Monopoly Deal and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

SettlerHelpful dealThe day began with co-op play with Tonyboykid on Monopoly Deal, a card game based on the Monopoly series and saw a haul of seven achievements earned beginning with Helpful deal (180G) for using a 'Forced Deal' card which resulted in both players completing a property set. Settler (50G) popped up for having at least 12 properties on the board.

More cards!CollectorCollector (60G) unlocked for having one kind of each property on the board and was soon followed by the popping up of More cards! (20G) for playing three 'Pass Go' cards in a single turn.

TacticianGimme moneyGimme money (40G) unlocked after using five 'Rent' cards during a game while Tactician (30G) popped up for using a 'Deal Breaker' as a final move to win a game.

Master Forger in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionInvestorThe session ended with the unlocking of Investor (20G) for adding a hotel to a property set but the unlock left me just short of my target so I decided to try a quick go on another game. The game of choice was Halo:The Master Chief Collection which in a brief stint resulted in four achievements starting with Master Forger (5G) for creating five custom maps in Forge.

Man on the Moon in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGame Master in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGame Master (5G) unlocked for creating five custom game types and put me onto 111,101 leaving 10G left to earn. Man on the Moon (5G) popped up for shooting the moon on a Halo 3 map and left me with just 5G left to do.
Back At It in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionThe vital 5G came with the unlocking of Back At It (5G) for playing a game of Halo 2 Anniversary on the 9th of any month which secured the 111,111.