Friday, 5 December 2014

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved Composes

Careful ComposerRecording ArtistAfter ending November superbly, Disney Fantasia Music Evolved began December even more stunningly with seven achievements to start the month off which started with Recording Artist (5G) for recording my own unique music in a Hot Spot for the first time with Careful Composer (5G) popping up for spending 120 seconds working on a recording in a Composition Spell.

Page TurnerSpelling It OutSpelling It Out (10G) unlocked after discovering my first Composition Spell in a realm and was followed by Page Turner (5G) for viewing a journal page while exploring a realm.

Multi-instrumentalistFeeling CrabbyFeeling Crabby (10G) unlocked for coaxing a shy performer out of his shell in The Shoal and on a return to the main menu and a browse, up popped Multi-instrumentalist (10G) for making music with seven different instruments in a single visit to The Workshop.

Broom MateThe day ended with Broom Mate (10G) which unlocked after bringing the celebrated broom to life in The Workshop.