Thursday, 4 December 2014

Monopoly Plus Complete

Out of StockBusiness MasterAfter debuting Monopoly Plus the previous evening, November 26th saw the resuming of the game result in the completion after the final 10 achievements unlocked starting with Business Master (80G) for completing two colour sets in one trade. Out of Stock (110G) popped up for seeing the bank run out of houses.

Great IncomeVIPVIP (30G) unlocked after building my first hotel while Great Income (100G) popped up for collecting a rent payment of more than M700.

The MasterNow We Can PlayNow We Can Play (200G) unlocked after building a hotel on each property of at least two colour sets during the same game with The Master (50G) popping up for winning a game.

Your WayChampion Champion (50G) unlocked after winning a six player game and was instantly followed by Your Way (50G) for winning a game using one "House Rule".

PrecociousPole PositionPole Postion (30G) unlocked after being the first player to start a game with the illusive final unlock popping up in the form of Precocious (30G) for collecting a rent during the first turn.