Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lego Marvel Starts As FIFA 14 Resumes and Castle of Illusion Ends

Sand Central StationAfter leaving the 111,111 intact for the rest of December 9th, the next day saw the resuming of the next huge goal of 125,000. The game for the day was the debuting Lego Marvel Super Heroes which began with four achievements starting with Sand Central Station (20G) for completing the level of the same name.

This Is fantastic!Falling... with StyleFalling... with Style (20G) unlocked after completing the first Helicarrier skydive and was soon followed by This Is fantastic! (20G) for turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot for the first time.

Exploratory Laboratory in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)Times Square OffTimes Square Off (20G) unlocked for completing the level of the same name and ended the day.  The day may have ended but the session continued into the next day which saw one further achievement on the game in the form of Exploratory Laboratory (20G) for completing the level of the same name.

Best Friends ForeverBeast ModeLater in the day, I went on FIFA 14 on the Xbox 360 and did some co-op online with Tonyboykid which resulted in two achievements beginning with Beast Mode (10G) for straight arming a defender to protect the ball followed by Best Friends Forever (30G) for finishing a season in Online Friendlies.

Money BagsThe day ended with a brief stint on Castle of Illusion which needed one final unlock for completion and after some replaying of levels led to the earning of the final achievement, Money Bags (40G) for finding all of the Magic Diamonds. The completion was a special one as it was my 40th overall.