Friday, 5 December 2014

November 2014 Summary

A superb month focused mainly on the Xbox One saw a best haul of the year beating October's record with a second successive century of unlocks on the Xbox One itself due to the raft of new releases in the month with Halo TMCC proving to be a huge factor.

Significant milestones in the month were reaching a total of 30,000 TA points on the Xbox One and moving to under 150 away from 1000 unlocks on the console in the month of its Year One anniversary.

November 2014 (2013 in brackets)

184 Achievements unlocked (128)

21 Games played  (10)

9392 TA points (2889) 

4515 Gamerscore (1835)

This year as mentioned since August will be my best ever gaming year and will certainly see most of the remaining  gaming goals reached in a single year with the next big gamerscore goal now at 125,000G.