Sunday, 30 June 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Adds Time While Forza Horizon Continues

True Star Bird Fan Achievement in Angry Birds Star Wars (Win 8)Angry Birds Star Wars received an update and in turn more levels so as I played them up popped True Star Bird Fan (10G) for playing the game for fifteen hours.

LawbreakerRave PaintForza Horizon was in play for most of the evening but only two unlocks popped up before midnight beginning with what became the 300th achievement of 2013 - Rave Paint (10G) for creating and saving a paint job and was swiftly followed by Lawbreaker (10G) for setting a speed on five speed traps and zones.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Forza Horizon Moves Up The Ranks

Been There, Done That!Purple ReignA quick go on Forza Horizon saw me move up to just outside the 100th most popular achievement but in winning more races unlocking Purple Reign (45G) for collecting the Purple wristband and swiftly followed by Been There, Done That! (10G) for visiting the Paint Shop, Autoshow, Car Club, Marketplace, Race Central, and Workshop at the Festival.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Forza Horizon Gains Popularity

Freshly Squeezed Achievement in Forza HorizonForza Horizon continued with an early unlock this morning - Freshly Squeezed (40G) for receiving the Orange wristband.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Forza Horizon and Angry Birds Star Wars Light Up Sunday

Out of the Blue Achievement in Forza HorizonForza Horizon continue past midnight and before bed I unlocked Out of the Blue (30G) for receiving the Blue wristband.

Force LearnerJedi Knight Angry Birds Star Wars in the afternoon saw two unlocks beginning with Jedi Knight (10G) for smashing 500 blocks with the saber while Force Learner (10G) popped up for moving 2000 blocks with force.

#WINNING!One to WatchBack onto Forza Horizon and unlocked One to Watch (10G) for claiming 200th position on the popularity chart which was soon followed by #WINNING (15G) for dominating 10 festival races.

Racing for PinksWARNING!!! DANGER TO MANIFOLD Achievement in Forza HorizonWARNING!!! DANGER TO MANIFOLD (15G) unlocked for winning 10 Street races and later on Racing For Pinks (35G) popped for receiving the Pink wristband.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Forza Horizon Speeds In

My First ChallengeSelloutForza Horizon was drawn as my next game to tackle and the final hours of Saturday, I unlocked two achievements beginning with Sellout (20G) for completing 20 Sponsorship challenges and My First Challenge (10G) popped up for earning my first medal in the 1000 club.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

SSX Explores The Heights

The Bronze Survival GuideHeart Of GoldSSX resumes with a test on Survival on Explore mode and saw a well earned unlocking of Heart of Gold (10G) for earning my first gold in an Survive event on Explore swiftly followed by The Bronze Survival Guide (10G) for collecting all Bronze Survive badges.

Tag TeamJust before departing for bed, Tag Team (10G) popped up for earning Bronze on a Trick Event with every member of Team SSX. the run included three golds and seven silvers.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

SSX Tricks A Level Up

Playing Favorites Achievement in SSXAfter a very successful XBOX 360 Weekender, I have decided to continue the format used in the event by playing a number of different games across the week and as SSX ended the weekend it continued into the next day and saw the unlocking of Playing Favorites (25G) for getting a character to level 10.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

XBOX 360 Achievement Chase Weekender Final Day

SightseerMy HouseDay 3 began with F1 Race Stars crossing over midnight and saw one unlock towards today in the shape of My House (25G) for owning the track on Sector Snatch.The final draw of the weekend saw GTA IV, Angry Birds Trilogy and SSX come out. GTA IV started with Sightseer (5G) for taking all of the Helitours.

Completed The Big Setup Achievement in Angry Birds TrilogyDial B for Bomb (10G) unlocked for having the ability to phone for a bomb and that was all before moving on to Angry Birds Trilogy which only had a single unlock - Completed The Big Setup (15G) for completing Classic Episode 4.

Überlesscious Achievement in SSXSSX next up and after a lot of effort just a solitary unlock in Überlesscious (20G) for  earning a Bronze Medal on a Trick Event in Explore without landing any Super Übers. 

As midnight rings so comes the end of my first XBOX 360 Weekender and what a success it has been with a total of 40 achievements and 715G earned and is the first of many such events to come. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

XBOX 360 Achievement Chase Weekender Day 2

An historic day for this blog sees the 200th posting as Day 2 begins with the two games missed off from the previous day, Super Street Fighter IV and PES 10 and after both have been played the next draw can be done to continue the chase.

It BeginsOh! My Car!Just short of two hours on Super Street Fighter IV and three unlocks began with Oh! My Car! (10G) for earning 80,000 points on Car Crusher (I used Blanka) while It Begins (10G) popped up for creating my Xbox Live Profile Icon and Title.

Made the Knockout StageGood StartGood Start (10G) unlocked for successfully completing 10 trials of which I did seven with Ryu and three with Hakan.Onto PES 2010 and I went on the Champions League mode as Liverpool and after a very intense and emotional two hours, I came out with three hard earned unlocks. The first was Made the Knockout Stage (40G) which came after successfully winning my group and
  qualifying for the knockout rounds.

The knockout rounds were fairly easy to negotiate through with Lyon and AC claiming home draws before being blown away at Anfield (4-0 and 6-0) but then came the might of Barcelona who again went into the Anfield leg tied but suffered a similar fate by losing 2-0 and meaning I had a place in the final.

Juventus awaited and other than the famous 'Istanbul '05' I have never been so nervous during a football match. the full game is on the following video......

European ChampionsCome From BehindAn early goal by the Italians had me pressured and various misses dented chances of an equaliser but my luck came in the dying minutes courtesy of captain fantastic Stevie G who pushed the game into extra time which featured an agonising pinging shot off the post in the 12th minute before a mercurial strike from Torres sealed the win and the glory of two achievements - Come From Behind (10G) for staging a successful comeback and finally European Champions (70G) for winning the UEFA Champions League.

Heavy BurdenCrossing the beams Achievement in Shaun White SkateboardingThe next draw saw Shaun White Skateboarding, Hitman Absolution, NBA Ballers, Fifa 11 and Fuel come out with SWS continuing today's chase but with only a single unlock - Crossing The Beams (20G) for shaping rails 30 times. Next up is Hitman Absolution which began with the unlocking of Heavy Burden (10G) for infiltrating the mansion and killing the target.

KingslayerOne of the GuysOne of the Guys (20G) unlocked for blending in successfully while Kingslayer (10G) popped up for fulfilling Birdie's contract and killing the target.
Under WrapsUnder Wraps (20G) unlocked for successfully hiding a body then up popped Sandman (20G) for subduing someone correctly.

Silent AssassinTrue PotentialTrue Potential (20G) unlocked for unlocking a technique while Silent Assassin (20G) popped up for achieving the rank 'Silent Assassin'.

InconspicuousRespectFinally before taking a break, Inconspicuous (20G) unlocked for remaining undetected for an entire checkpoint. Onto NBA Ballers and a single unlock in the shape of Respect (10G) for watching the credits movie in full.

Safe HandsPerfect Keeping
FIFA 11 came next and scored four unlocks beginning with Safe Hands (10G) unlocked for playing a match as the goalkeeper with no assistance and was followed by Perfect Keeping (15G) for having 100% saving accuracy in a match.

All My Own WorkOnce in a lifetimeOnce in a Lifetime (10G) unlocked for scoring a goal as the goalkeeper while All My Own Work (10G) popped up for winning a match on manual controls.

Newton was right, after all!Oil rigFuel up next and three unlocks began with Oil Rig (15G) for finding 100 oil drums in the field and was soon joined by Newton was right, after all! (15G) for falling 150m.
Maple Highway
Rocket scienceThe third came instantly as Rocket science (15G) popped up for traveling 80m in a single jump. F1 Race Stars was drawn next as I tried to beat or at least equal my best ever day of achievements (27/3/11 - 27 achv) and started with Maple Highway (10G) for taking the locked shortcut in Canada.

Trophy HunterCanada ExpertCanada Expert (20G) unlocked for winning Canada on 3000cc while Trophy Hunter (20G) popped up for collecting 200 trophies in Canada.

Exhibition RushFinally in what equalled the best day score of 27 achievements was Exhibition Rush (25G) for collecting 1000 points in five seconds so officially today is the second best day due to a shortfall in TA and gamerscore but still ranks as the best day since Apr 2011 but a bit sad only reached 490G rather than an illusive 500G.