Friday, 7 June 2013

Win 8 and Doritos Crash Course 2 Hit Back

Galactic Achievement in Doritos Crash Course 2Another good afternoon saw seven unlocks while playing alongside my girlfriend beginning on Monsters Love Candy  with Sugar Sands (5G) for reaching the Desert World and followed by Galatic (15G) on Doritos Crash Course 2  for collecting 100 unique stars.

ShowOffGrabs UnlockedNext up was I Stunt 2 and Grabs Unlocked (5G) for unlocking all of the available grabs and ShowOff (5G) popped up for performing five stunts in a single combo.

Target ShooterLack of Faith Angry Birds Star Wars began with Lack of Faith (10G) for restarting a level 100 times while Target Shooter (10G) popped up for shooting three pigs with a single blaster shot.

Skilled PilotFinally, Skilled Pilot (10G) unlocked for smashing 500 blocks with a Pilot and that completed a good afternoon of achievement chasing.