Tuesday, 18 June 2013

XBOX 360 Achievement Chase Weekender Final Day

SightseerMy HouseDay 3 began with F1 Race Stars crossing over midnight and saw one unlock towards today in the shape of My House (25G) for owning the track on Sector Snatch.The final draw of the weekend saw GTA IV, Angry Birds Trilogy and SSX come out. GTA IV started with Sightseer (5G) for taking all of the Helitours.

Completed The Big Setup Achievement in Angry Birds TrilogyDial B for Bomb (10G) unlocked for having the ability to phone for a bomb and that was all before moving on to Angry Birds Trilogy which only had a single unlock - Completed The Big Setup (15G) for completing Classic Episode 4.

Überlesscious Achievement in SSXSSX next up and after a lot of effort just a solitary unlock in Überlesscious (20G) for  earning a Bronze Medal on a Trick Event in Explore without landing any Super Übers. 

As midnight rings so comes the end of my first XBOX 360 Weekender and what a success it has been with a total of 40 achievements and 715G earned and is the first of many such events to come.