Sunday, 16 June 2013

XBOX 360 Achievement Chase Weekender Day 1

As I have fallen behind with the 2013 Achievement chase, I decided to devote my three day weekend off work to catching up by playing as many different games as I could while unlocking achievements.

The chase began with the selection of games for today which were randomly selected via a draw and the winners were Dead Rising 2 - Off The Record, Grand Slam Tennis 2, Fifa Street, Super Street Fighter IV and PES 2010.

Out With the OldPhoto JournalistDead Rising 2 OTR was played on from 3.10-5.10pm and saw three unlocks beginning with Photo Journalist (20G) for getting back in the game and earning lots of PP while Out With the Old (20G) popped up for killing the motorcycling psychopath.

No Set LostCard CollectionInstantly after the previous unlock, Card Collection (20G) unlocked for collecting 20 combo cards. Up next was Grand Slam Tennis 2 which was played from 5.30-6.30 and 7-8.10pm and saw four unlocks which started with No Set Lost (20G) unlocking by winning a career tournament without losing a set.

Beat Serena at Australian OpenNever BrokenAt the same time, Never Broken (20G) popped up for winning a tournament without losing a service game while Beat Serena at Australian Open (20G) unlocked for beating Serena Williams at the Australian Open.

Shopping SpreePopularAs I went off for a break, Popular (20G) unlocked for downloading a player from the server and completed the afternoon's playing time. The evening went along with Fifa Street but only one unlock was added to the list for the day in the shape of Shopping Spree (10G) for wearing an unlocked item in any game mode.

So as Day 1 ends three new thresholds have been breached for 2013, the 250th achievement, the 5000th TA point and 3700G awarded.